2016: Video Games In Review


This past year has seen a deluge of world changing events. From the staggering loss of beloved celebrities to the determination of the 45th president of the United States, there has been no shortage of headlines. The video game world has also seen its fair share of revolutions. As we start a new year, the Spring Creek Sun has made a short list of 2016’s best gaming achievements.


Best Adventure Game: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Platform: PlayStation 4
Rating: T for Teen
Cost: $59.99

Uncharted 4

Few games have captured the spirit of adventure and exploration like Uncharted. Spearheaded by witty protagonist Nathan Drake, the series’ PS4 debut took us on a gorgeous journey across the world this year. The incredibly detailed locations and jaw-dropping character models were supplemented by white-knuckle action and a heartfelt narrative that— when coupled with the earlier installments—made for an emotional ride many of us were not ready to disembark. If you missed Uncharted 4 in 2016, do yourself a favor a start 2017 off with this instant classic.


Best Multiplayer Game: Battlefield 1 and Dark Souls III.
Platform: Xbox One and PlayStation 4
Rating: M for Mature
Cost: $59.99


This entry is a tie between two fantastic, albeit different titles. Battlefield 1 took us back in time to World War 1: the Great War. Up to 64 players could partake in all out destruction in online matches. Planes zoom overhead, tanks demolish buildings, the glint of sniper scopes twinkle over hilltops, and we had to try and survive it all. The combination of stunning graphics and the sheer chaos set developer Dice’s period piece a part from the countless other war franchises. While, on the other hand, Dark Souls III set itself a part thanks to its unique multiplayer system. In this dark fantasy world players are set upon by all manner of macabre creatures. In order to survive this onslaught, one could summon an ally for aid, or, alternatively, be summoned to assist someone in need. Battling enormous beasts in a party of three felt remarkably satisfying, but also nerve-racking, for less cooperative players could invade when least expected with the intention of doing you and your friends harm.


Best Role Playing Game: Final Fantasy XV
Platform: Xbox One and PlayStation 4
Rating: T for Teen
Cost: $59.99

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy made its triumphant return in 2016. This aging IP dramatically changed its core gameplay, thus modernizing itself for a new generation to enjoy and a returning fan base to rediscover. The antiquated turn based combat system was removed in favor of a more robust arrangement, yet despite the new style, the game’s beloved emphasis on strategy did not suffer. Thanks to the addition of a vast open world and a heartfelt story, developer Square Enix made this one to play last year, and one to continue enjoying this year as well.


Best Mobile Game: Super Mario Run
Platform: IOS and Android
Rating: E for Everyone
Cost: Free for the first few levels and then $10 for entire game.


Mobile games have become a dirty genre to gamers. These titles are often overflowing with in-game commercials and purchases that are required to advance, making enjoying these micro games nigh impossible. Thankfully Nintendo came along to make this platform fun again, first with Pokémon Go and, most recently, with Super Mario Run. The ability to play as company mascot Mario on your cellphone as he runs and jumps through the mushroom kingdom is appealing and can conjure found childhood memories. The only difference between this Mario and the ones of yore is that the little red plumber is constantly running, akin to games like Temple Runner. It is your job to ensure he gets to his destination safely by helping him leap on enemies and over pitfalls.



2016 brought us many fun moments, some we had alone and others we shared with friends and family. Here’s to hoping 2017 brings us many more of these moments.