27th Annual Starrett Cup


The Starrett Judo Club’s students happily participated in the 27th Annual Starrett Cup that was held on Sunday, January 19th. This tournament was open for different Judo clubs to take part in.

There were eleven different Judo clubs at the 27th Annual Starrett Cup from all over, mostly New York, New Jersey, and Con-necticut. All 18 members of the Starrett Judo Club placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rdin their respective matches.

Dominick Bonserio won in two categories and is a champion. Kevin Bailey did an outstanding job in two categories and Rex Pope-Carter, who is the youngest and smallest member of the Starrett Judo Club did an excellent job (and this is his first year in Judo).

These magnificent Judo students have quite a busy schedule in the coming months. There will be two tournaments a month with the exception of April. In April they will have three Judo Tournaments.

The Starrett Cherry Blossom will be held on Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 9am in the Brooklyn Sports Club. Come on out to support the Starrett Judo Club members. They will be selling chocolate as part of their fundraising efforts for them to travel for their tournaments. This would be a great time to come out and support the Starrett Judo Club!

They will be present at tournaments in Phila-delphia on April 4th and 5th, in Freeport, Long Island on April 26th, in North Bergen, New Jersey on March 15 and in Parsippany, New Jersey on April 19 and the biggest one since September will be the Buffalo International Tour-nament from May 23 to 25th. Then they will be going to Cranford, New Jersey on May 31st, and in June they will be at the Summer Slam Tournament in Patterson, New Jersey on June 7th, which will be preparation for them for the National Junior Olympics in

Winston-Salem, North Carolina on June 19-21. Coach Legros said, “I am very proud of my team, they work and train hard.”
The magnificent members of the Starrett Judo Club include:

  • Kelsey Billups
  • Jerrail “JJ” Billups
  • Jerssiah Bailey
  • Kevin Bailey
  • Rex Pope-Carter
  • Raja Pope-Carter
  • Dominick Bonserio
  • Madison Lane
  • Nicos Dinkins
  • Nazir Dinkins
  • Kobe Hill
  • Jacob Collins
  • Ronald Smith
  • Yosuel Reyes
  • Emmanuel Peralta
  • Reynaldo Medina
  • Adam Faraq
  • Shiloh Mohammed

Photo courtesy of Shaida Delvalle