Front vs Back 2017 Games


It’s that time of the year again that you all have been waiting for; yup it’s time for the Front vs Back games! Every summer Spring Creek Towers’ residents gather to watch the community engage in a favorite pastime─basketball!

For those of you who do not know; the Front players reside in the A-E buildings and the Back players reside in the F-H buildings. These games are broken up into four different divisions; Biddies for those 11 years old and under, Junior High for the middle schoolers, High School for the high school students and the Unlimited for the adults.

This event brings the community together and forms new friendships. Josiah George, who is six years old, went with his mother to register his older brother and decided that he wanted to play too. Josiah’s mom was happy to allow her younger son to play too. “I think that it’s fun and a good experience for us to meet our neighbors,” said Dionne Williams (Josiah George’s mom). “I just started to play basketball at camp this summer with my friends and I am excited to play in the Front vs Back games. It’s not all about basketball, it’s about the fun,” said George.

As part of the games, there was a DJ who was spinning up some awesome music and as Master of Ceremonies was Kvory Ali, who really got the crowd to have a good time. Ali commentated on the game with sayings like, “Son with the cool haircut!”

Valerie Daniels came to the Front vs Back games to cheer on her son, Kenneth Daniels who was playing for the first time. Kenneth was playing in the Junior High group. He was very happy to finally have an opportunity to play because each year his family goes on vacation when the Front vs Back games are being played. Daniels made sure that this year she would plan her vacations so that it would not interfere with the Front vs Back games so that her son could actually play in it this year. “I am ecstatic about him playing and I am very proud of him. He is part of Teen Central and really wanted to play last year but, we were away. He was determined to play this year and I worked it out so he could. Basketball is his favorite sport and this is the first time that he will have an experience playing on a team,” said Daniels. Kenneth said that he loved it!

“The Front vs Back games were a great success. All of the kids had fun and these are memories that will last them a lifetime. We had a great mix of players, both returning players and new players,” said Front vs Back organizer, Troy Brown.

Photos by Pamela Stern and Kimari Hazward

Biddies and Junior High teams images by Pamela Stern


High School and Unlimited teams photos by Kimari Hazward