Clowning Around at PS 346’s Annual Carnival


On June 14th, PS 346 ended the school year with their annual carnival, featuring a colorful display of face painting booths and dozens of bouncy castles stretching across the entire playground.
The scorching heat did not put a damper on the festivities; students kicked off their sneakers and took turns participating in the various activities such as tossing footballs and basketballs into hoops, kicking soccer balls through inflatable holes, and so much more.

Photo Credit: Amanda Moses

PS 346’s Year-End Concert


PS 346’s ended their school year with a Motown-themed concert, featuring dance repertoires performed by students in the second grade through fifth grade. The entire auditorium was adorned with Jackson 5 posters, Diana Ross memorabilia and other infamous stars who flourished during the early 1960s till the late 1980s. The theme was based on the Motown Record Company, which was founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in 1959. Since Principal Kevin Caifa deeply admires this golden age of music, the staff decided to orchestrate the Sounds of the Motown Assembly program for their final concert.

Photo Credit: Amanda Moses


Annual Front vs Back Games


t’s that time of the year again that you all have been waiting for; yup it’s time for the Front vs Back games! Every summer Spring Creek Towers’ residents gather to watch the community engage in a favorite pastime─basketball!
For those of you who do not know; the Front players reside in the A-E buildings and the Back players reside in the F-H buildings. These games are broken up into four different divisions; Biddies for those 11years old and under, Junior High for the middle schoolers , High School for the high school students and the Unlimited for the adults.

This event brings the community together and forms new friendships. Josiah George, who is six years
old, went with his mother to register his older brother and decided that he wanted to play too. Josiah’s
mom was happy to allow her younger son to play too. “I think that it’s fun and a good experience for us to meet our neighbors,” said Dionne Williams (Josiah George’s mom). “I just started to play basketball at camp this summer with my friends and I am excited to play in the Front vs Back games. It’s not all about basketball, it’s about the fun,” said George.
Photo Credit: Pamela Stern and Kimari Hazward



Intergenerational Fun at SCRF’s UGC


Members of Spring Creek Senior Partners’ (SCSP) Garden Club will now have the opportunity to experience intergenerational gardening with community campers. Together both groups will spend the last weeks of summer weeding, harvesting and planting. These activities will be overseen by Garden Educator, Jacqui Roytman and camp counselors.
Last week, students from Oasis Day Camp visited the Spring Creek Recreation Fund’s (SCRF) Urban Garden Classroom (UGC) for the first time this summer. Roytman explained to the children how the garden functions and told them the basic rules of the UGC. She then paired the students with the seniors so that they could harvest tomatoes, basil, eggplant, and other vegetables together.
Photo Credit: Amanda Moses


Fun Fridays at the Starrett City Early Learning Center

Learning is fun at the Starrett Early Learning Center (ELC)! Throughout the summer, the program’s day camp hosts a plethora of educational activities during their end-of-the-week parties called Fun Fridays. “Every week, we come up with an original idea and each class gets a topic,” says Susan Plesnitzer, the Director of ELC.
Last Friday, the theme was “Street Games,” which included hopscotch, bean bag toss, musical hula hoops, and red light/green light. Gathered in the ELC playground, the young campers took turns learning how to play each game. Many of the activities were drawn onto the playground floor with colorful chalk by ELC’s teachers. While some children hopped along the hopscotch rectangular outlines, others froze in place while their teacher said, “Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3!”




Mobile Mammogram Van Visits Spring Creek Towers

Breast cancer accounted for nearly 25% of all cancers in 2012, according to the National Cancer Institute. Early detection is one of the many reasons some women have survived the disease. Self-breast exams, gynecological visits and mammograms are very important in helping physicians detect masses in breasts. The National Cancer Institute reports that, “Overall, the sensitivity of mammography is about 84%, which means mammography correctly identifies about 84% of women who truly have breast cancer.”
In light of the importance of early detection, Spring Creek Senior Partners (SCSP) encourages all of its members to visit their doctors and receive mammograms and/or colon checks. For some people the cost of seeing a doctor is too expensive, so SCSP invited ScanVan Mobile Mammography to visit the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) community.



A Pre-Back to School Celebration 


On August 26th, State Committeewoman Nikki Lucas hosted her sixth annual “Back to School Celebration.” The community-oriented event invited Spring Creek Towers’ residents to stop by the Brooklyn Sports Club’s (BSC) outside courts to receive free book bags, watch two fun-filled basketball games with members of Teen Central versus the Department of Public Safety (DPS), enjoy a halftime performance by New Wave Dance Youth and Community Development Inc., listen to live DJ music, and meet special guests from the show Love and Hip Hop.
Photo Credit: William Vargas




Hundreds Attend Dads Take Your Child to School Event


On September 19th, fathers throughout the tri-state area participated in Dads Take Your Children to School (DTYCTS), an event that strengthens the relationship between students and parents. This campaign was created by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services in 2013. The event focuses on promoting fatherly involvement in both a child’s education and participation in extracurricular activities.
Photo Credit: Amanda Moses



Be’er Hagolah Students learn about Rosh Hashanah

On the evening of Wednesday, September 20th begins the start of the Jewish New Year, which is 5778. At the temples and synagogues people will be wishing each other a Happy New Year (L’Shana Tova-is the customary way to wish someone who is Jewish a Happy New Year!).
Rosh Hashanah is a two-day celebration, which begins on the first day of Tishrei. Tishrei is the first month of the Jewish civil year, but the seventh month of the ecclesiastical year.
Rosh Hashanah customs include sounding the shofar (a hollowed-out ram’s horn), as prescribed in the Torah, following the prescription of the Hebrew Bible to “raise a noise” on Yom Teruah; and among its rabbinical customs is attending synagogue services and reciting special liturgy about teshuva, as also enjoying festive meals. Eating symbolic foods such as apples dipped in honey is now a tradition, hoping thereby to evoke a “sweet new year”.


Zumbathon Hurricane Relief Fundraiser



Over the past few weeks, millions have suffered the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, respectively. Houses have been destroyed, trees were torn from their roots and communities are still buried under Zumbathon Hurricane Relief Fundraiser water. Considering the widespread damage, the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) community and members of the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC) have united to offer their support.

Photo Credit: Debbie Ann Schnieder and Jacqueline Vargas


TC Vision Develops Afterschool Media Club

Over the course of the year, Spring Creek Teen Central has been developing TC Vision, a program that aims to enhance member’s awareness of technology, media trends, and tech careers. Aligned with NYC’s curriculum standards, the program will allow teens to increase their cognitive development by applying mathematical equations, algorithms and ratios to aspects of music production.
In addition, TC Vision will reinforce STEM and ELA Core Curriculum by showing students how to write scripts for podcasts/ radio shows, filmography, and conduct interviews with various guests. Both the audio and film editing processes follows the basic storytelling arch—a beginning, middle and end. These lessons will teach students how to incorporate current events and literary lessons in their projects.


Cosplay and Fun at New York Comic Con!!


October is a month of creativity for costume lovers, cosplayers, and comic book aficionados because of New York Comic Con, an annual four-day convention extravaganza at the Jacob Javits Center (additional panels and screenings are also held at Madison Square Garden, the Hammerstein Ballroom, the New York Public Library at 476 5th Avenue, and the Hudson Mercantile).
Every year, almost 200,000 fans are treated with a host of entertainment guests, comic book artists, and other infamous talent who are willing to take selfies, sign autographs, and/or speak at a series of panels regarding their work. After waiting on lines and scrambling for seats at panels or autographing lines, attendees can also enjoy the show floor and artists alley.

Photo Credit: Dean Moses



Students Showcase Digital Photography

In the last issue of the Spring Creek Sun, we highlighted both a new program developed for Spring Creek Towers’ Teen Central, TC Vision, and a media club for the Spring Creek Afterschool Program. These new initiatives have gained a lot of interest from students and are continuing to help them enhance their awareness of technology, media trends, and tech careers. Program Director, Lonai Mosley, is astounded by how quickly the students comprehend her lessons, particularly the Spring Creek Afterschool Program’s Media Club. These fourth and fifth graders have mastered the ability to setup a professional photo shoot within 15 minutes, which includes backdrop building, lighting, and focusing camera equipment.

Photo Credit:  Spring Creek Afterschool Media Program.


Students Spread Breast Cancer Awareness with Community Walk


On October 20th, Frederick Douglass Academy (FDA) VIII participated in their annual breast cancer walk around Spring Creek Towers (SCT). Close to 100 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders marched with their teachers from Louisiana Avenue to Seaview Avenue, and then down Pennsylvania Avenue back to their school.
“FDA VIII, what do you want?” shouted Georgia Eddings, a teacher and event coordinator. “A cure for breast cancer!” the students responded with vigor.
The school’s annual breast cancer walk is dear to Eddings’ heart; the disease has taken the life of her grandmother and she was also diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. It was because of her family’s riddled history with cancer that she decided to be vigilant in her annual mammograms and checkups.

Photo Credit: Amanda Moses.


Spring Creek Senior Partners’ Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from mid- September to mid-October as a way to pay tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society. This year, the Spring Creek Senior Partners (SCSP) NORC and the HUD Multifamily Resident Service Coordinator joined forces to organize an event on Friday, October 20th, highlighting the rich culture and traditions that has come from Hispanic Americans.
Denise Ruiz, the Service Coordinator organized this wonderful event. The seniors of Hispanic descent played an active role and were proud to highlight their culture to the seniors of diverse backgrounds. Poetry, music, national dress, as well as the cuisine of various countries were presented. This not only represented the culture and types of delicacies to other seniors but, it also was a good opportunity for people to try other foods and learn about the culture and the history of the clothing that coincides with the culture.


Starrett Early Learning Center Feasts for Thanksgiving


On November 16th, Starrett City Early Learning Center (ELC) celebrated Thanksgiving a week early with a delicious feast. The delectable meal was cooked at the ELC by the staff and students. First, the children watched with avid curiosity as the teachers seasoned and then baked the turkey. While the turkey was cooking, the children were able to help make raisin covered stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, and a kale salad.
After the meal was fully prepared, ELC Director, Susan Plesnitzer and her staff served each of the students a small helping of each tantalizing dish. Some students fully embraced the Thanksgiving spirit so much so that they donned Native American headbands (which they handcrafted themselves) while eating their lunch.
Photo Credit: Amanda Moses


Friendsgiving Lunch with JASA


Thanksgiving is commonly known as a family holiday; a time where people get together with their loved ones over a delicious JASA Starrett  Senior Center considers itself a home away from home for seniors, so on November 21st they hosted their annual Thanksgiving lunch. JASA Director, Anjelika Blyakher, believes that there is no better way to kickoff this wonderful holiday than breaking bread with their friends.

Blyakher explained that this much anticipated event was created for the seniors to enjoy the company of their friends while dinning on a delicious kosher meal. Her mission this holiday season was to inspire a festive spirit amongst members by decorating their cafeteria with gigantic maple leaves, bright flowers and table cloths. With the help of volunteers she was able to transform the cafeteria into an autumn extravaganza.


Sisters With Purpose Hosts Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway


On November 21st, the Brooklyn Sports Club’s (BSC) Aspen multipurpose
room was transformed into a beautiful community restaurant, featuring long tables covered in earth-tone cloths, autumn shaded flowers, and pumpkin decorated dinner plates. Each place setting had an intricate menu offering various appetizers, entrees and desserts with volunteer servers showing attendees to their seats. The entire evening affair was similar to dining at a five star restaurant; however, the difference in this case was that it was hosted for free at the BSC by Sisters with Purpose (SWP).
Photo Credit: Amanda Moses

Musical Brothers Return for Holiday Concert


On December 21st, musical virtuosos, Ian and Elliot Finkel, will be making their return to Spring Creek Towers (SCT) for the Spring Creek Afterschool Program, Teen Central, and the Youth Symphony’s annual holiday concert at the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC). The event is said to be an evening to remember with the Finkel brothers at the helm of the live band, a fashion show, photo gallery, and a raffle.