A Good Samaritan in Spring Creek Towers


By Amanda Moses

Last week, longtime Spring Creek Towers’ resident and JASA Starrett Senior member, Emma Belostotskaya, was planning to have a belated birthday celebration with family and friends. However, her jovial plans were thwarted when she lost her purse, which contained $450, her medical cards and other important materials.

Belostotskaya was sitting on a bench near a bus stop by 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue waiting for her senior ambulette ride. When her transportation arrived, Belostotskaya was distracted by a phone call, and was tired from the heat. It was at that moment when she accidently left her purse on the bus stop bench.

All was not lost for Belostotskaya because a neighboring resident, Gloria Vincent, was also at that bus stop. Vincent was about to step onto the bus when someone exclaimed, “Miss, you left your purse!” However, Vincent saw where the fellow Good Samaritan was pointing and realized that was where Belostotskaya was sitting. “It’s happened to me several times, and no one has ever brought my belongings back. So I decided to take the purse and try and return it to the rightful owner. At the time, we didn’t know each other,” Vincent said.

For many seniors, incidents like this occur all the time. It leaves them feeling vulnerable, upset, and depressed that they lost such an important item. Vincent wanted to do all that she could to make sure that no one, at least not Belostotskaya, would ever feel that pain. “I found a driver card with a number on it, and a medical card with her name, Emma Belostotskaya. I called the driver and asked if he knew Emma. I gave him my address and asked him to drop her off at my house so that she could pick up her purse,” Vincent said.

The next day, Belostotskaya was reunited with her lost items and gained a new friend. Both women are seniors and live just a block away from each other. Just one kind act made a world of a difference for both of these women, and they hope others will follow in Vincent’s footsteps.