A Grand Tour of Cosplay at New York Comic Con

By Amanda Aponte-Moses

Since 2006, New York Comic Con has become an annual phenomenon for comic book lovers, video gamers and all sorts of avid fantasy fans. What makes this coveted event for fans such an enjoyable experience is the hundreds upon hundreds of exhibitors, celebrity panels for movies, television series, comics and video games star panels (filled with exclusive sneak peeks) and the ability to stock up on free stuff (t-shirts, comics, posters, bags, etc.)!

Held annually at the Jacob Javits Center and managed by ReedPoP (a division of Reed exhibitions and Reed elsevier), this year’s event saw close to 170,000 attendees. This is the largest amount of people who have attended the event thus far, which is most likely due to the addition of offsite locations like the Hammerstein Ballroom, where fans were able to see panels on Cartoon network’s Adventure Time, sneak previews to two new CBs series (Limitless and elementary), a screening and Q&A with the stars of USA network’s Mr. Robot, for the first time in America the creator of Naruto premiered Boruto: Noruto the movie, and starz’s film: Ash vs Evil Fead.

The sheer exuberance and fanaticism displayed at NYCC is exhilarating because the people who attend are true fans, which you can tell by their amazing cosplay outfits (this is a person who regularly or just on more than one occasion other than Halloween, dresses as characters from a video game, movie, etc.). From being decked out in blue body paint to look like X-men’s mystique to donning a heavy, 9-feet tall metal suit to look like Iron man’s Hulk Buster (aka Veronica), fans really go all out at this event.

So if you’re think of pulling all the stops this Halloween, take it from the professional cosplayers, you gotta step up your game if you want to top their gear. If you are interested in attending next year’s four-day ex-travaganza, which will run from october 6-9, then check out www.newyorkcomicon. com for more information. (Tickets go on sale fast, like with-in a few minutes, so I would stay on top of the distribution dates.)

Words to the wise, if you do get tickets, remember to plan your time accordingly because NYCC is a crowded event, and you will be waiting on a lot of lines (lines that get cut off if a panel has reached its limit), and I personally suggest bringing your own food (unless you want to pay $5 for a pretzel).

For more photos showcasing the awesomeness that is NYCC, check out the www.springcreeksunonline.com

Photos by Dean Moses