A Look into the Beauty of InnerSpace

Uncovering HistoryBY DEAN MOSES

Game: InnerSpace

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Rating: E for Everyone

Cost: $19.99

We are all searching for the beauty in life, the things that inspire us and make us happy. The objective in InnerSpace is no different.

Uncovering History


Taking place in a gorgeous vista known only as the Inverse, this seemingly endless circuit of worlds linked together by colorful open skies and deep undulating oceans is beautiful but ultimately void of organic life. It is your job—as a drone created purely for this purpose—to discover the fate of the civilization that inhabited the rainbow wheel of worlds many years prior. Were they human or some-thing else? Why did they vanish?It’s up to you to discern the truth behind these mysteries and then deal with the consequences. This title is light on narrative, but that is by no means a negative thing. Sometimes you just want to jump into the experience, and that’s exactly what this is, an experience.

As Free as a Bird

As Free as a Bird

You play as a winged machine tasked with uncovering an ancient history. The gameplay here resembles that of a flying simulator merged with elements of an arcade-style title like Ace Combat. You can soar, spin, dip, and nosedive around vast, hypnotic environments. Your mission is to find and collect relics left over from the “ancient ones,” the beings who once occupied this dreamlike place. You can use these collectibles to upgrade your plane with new skills. For instance, once upgraded your little drone can venture beneath the waves, feeling at home amidst the aquatic plant life and underwater caverns. The name of the game is exploration, so you will be rewarded for searching all the nooks, crannies, and crevasses. But to find all of the secrets you will need to use every ability available. Luckily for you, there are also some special moves to tinker around with, like the capacity to cut threads with your sharp wings. Doing this is aesthetically pleasing, feeling the wires ping and tear as you power into them. There are other distinct capabilities too, such as using your forward momentum to crash through a cracked wall. You will need to string these feats together to advance in the game, and, at times, employ puzzle solving. That’s right. Some mind-bending conundrums will also need to be solved in order discover the fate of the lost civilization.

All the Colors of a Dream

All the Colors of a Dream

Beautiful. Majestic. Ethereal. These are just some of the words that describe the game’s visuals. A wondrous dreamscape bursting with an intense spectral of colors. Imagine an artist’s vision of his painting come to life, or a child’s fantasy brought to marvelous reality. There are profound blues and burning reds, not to mention musical sounds that play as you gather the game’s collectibles. InnerSpace cannot boast realistic graphics or groundbreaking sound design, but it does showcase developer PolyKnight Games’ will to create something unique, which they have ultimately succeeded in doing. However, mainstream audi-ences may find the uncommon graphics off-putting while others will be drawn in by the difference.


Prospective buyers will find an individualistic flying experience. Some may feel the experience is lacking in action, though this laxer style of play is exactly what sets it apart from other games on the market. But with all its one-of-a-kind elements, what exactly is Innerspace’s meaning? Well if I learned anything from my journey it’s this: beauty was all around me the entire time, everywhere I looked—and that’s a good lesson to take with us into our lives outside the game.


 This review is based on a review copy of InnerSpace provided by the publisher.



Coming Soon

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