A New Time

circle-applewatchIf you are old enough to remember TV shows like Dick Tracy, then you will recall the detective’s wristwatch, which doubled as a cellphone. At the time the series aired such technology was only a foresight into the future. However, over 50 years later you can now own a watch just like Dick Tracy, only with more features.

On Friday, April 24, Apple’s newest gadget, the Apple Watch will be available to purchase, but what exactly does it do other than display the time?

To activate the watch all you have to do is raise your wrist and the screen comes to life with a clock face. From here you can view the time, the calendar and weather, and access the rest of the device’s features with a few finger swipes.

The tiny screen will show a plethora of applications, which includes: email, a map with GPS capabilities, an appointment and to do list, fitness tracking and of course, perhaps the most exciting feature, the ability to make phone calls. That’s right, you can call and text your friends and family directly from your timepiece. You can even send them a virtual representation of your heartbeat. Nothing says, “I love you” more than your own heartbeat.

All of these amazing features do not come without their drawbacks, however. For the watch to function it needs to connect to your iPhone 5 or higher, it will not work unless accompanied by the IOS running cell-phone. Also, if you decide to pick up the Apple Watch then make sure you are ready for the constant notifications, text messages and phone calls which will beam directly to your wrist. In addition, the watch costs about $249.

The Apple Watch is not the only smartwatch available; these are some additional options to choose from:

circle-samsunggearsSamsung Gear S

Cost: $199

This smartwatch has a vibrant, curved display that also promises to be water resistant. From simply typing sums into the built in calculator, to viewing photos and even browsing the Internet, this miniature companion has plenty of applications to keep you from just telling the time. The Samsung Gear S also has a market place, so if you find the current applications less than satisfactory, you can search for more fun items. You can also forward your calls from your phone to the watch with relative ease.

circle-moto360Moto 360

Cost: $249.99

This gadget is made of metal and has a completely round face, making it unlike many of the other smartwatches on the market. It can count the amount of steps you have taken for fitness purposes and notify you of social media alerts. Like previous watches on our list, you can also use Google maps to help you get wherever you’re heading and it can help you monitor your heart rate.

circle-microsoftbandMicrosoft band

Cost: $199.99

The most unique looking strap on our list, this gadget has a rectangle, scratch resistant screen. The Microsoft band can track your sleep pattern and, once you are awake, it will tell you how long you were sleeping, how many times you woke up during the night and your sleep efficiency. This band can also analyze the sun’s rays and inform you on how harmful the UV levels are on any given day. The Microsoft band works with all three major phone operating systems, which is undoubtedly a plus.