A Spotlight on Fun Virtual Programs


Due to COVID-19, it is important that we stay at home, so that we help stop the spread of the coronavirus. There are plenty of free digital activities for adults and children of all ages to entertain us while we are at home. There are live and pre-recorded broadcastings of musicals, comedy shows, and so much more.

The Spring Creek Sun has compiled a list of free applications and fun websites to try out:

  • Amateur Night at the Apollo: Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm, visit https://www.apollotheater.org/ to see last year’s live shows, featuring aspiring musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, rappers and spoken word artists as they try to win over the Apollo Theater’s audience. Will you cheer them on or boo? You can also follow @ApolloTheater on Facebook to join the chat and share your thoughts on which performers are the most talented.
  • Jalopy Theatre and School of Music is hosting a Facebook Live series entitled, Stay The Folk Home, which introduces top folk music artists who’ve previously performed at the theater. Stop by their Facebook page to see their list of video performances or watch their live streams at https://www.facebook.com/jalopytheatre/live
  • The New York Philharmonic will be hosting a digital festival entitled, Mahler’s New York from April 16th to April 30th at thr https://nyphil.org/concerts-tickets/explore/series-and-festivals/mahlers-new-york This two-week virtual celebration honors Gustav Mahler, a composer and conductor who worked as the Philharmonic’s tenth musical director (1909-1911). There will be seven video broadcasts, audio of the complete symphonies, an archival exhibit, a virtual walking tour, the all-day Mahler Grooves celebration, recipes, and educational materials.
  • The Brooklyn Public Library will be offering personalized academic help through their virtual program, Brainfuse HelpNow in core subjects, such as math, reading, writing, and science. There will also be access to a 24/7 Writing Lab, academic content, and practice tests for skills-building (including SAT preparation), and so much more. The live tutoring is available from 2pm to 11pm at https://www.bklynlibrary.org/online-resources/brainfuse-helpnow
  • Time Magazine is saluting our educational workers and learners, so that for the rest of the school year, teachers and students will be able to have a free digital subscription to Time For Kids. The subscriptions can be customized to four grade-specific digital editions of TIME for Kids and a financial literacy magazine. There are also teaching tools with worksheets and quizzes for families to use at https://www.timeforkids.com/
  • The Irondale Theatre will be hosting a live virtual 456 Minute Shakespeare Sonnet Marathon on Thursday, April 23rd from 12pm to 8pm. You can choose to participate by reserving a 30-minute time slot to read a portion of a sonnet at bit.ly/BardBirthday If you would like to spectate this celebration of Shakespeare, you can request a zoom link at renata@irondale.org and join at any point throughout the stream. Please note that Capacity is limited, and pre-registration is required to gain admittance. This is a free virtual event and open to all ages and languages.