Afterschool Media Club’s Holiday Extravaganza

Last month, Spring Creek Afterschool’s Media Club kicked off the holidays with a festive photoshoot and impromptu interview session. The day began like any other for the future media professionals albeit with a bit of holiday flair. They arrived promptly to their party dressed in their finest celebratory clothes, reindeer headbands and Santa hats. Program Director, Lonai Mosley, connected the sound system and played merry tunes while the students set the stage. After weeks of sessions the Media Club was well versed in preparing for a photoshoot, from choosing the perfect curtain color to adjusting the lights for the perfect camera shots.

DSC_0002Each of the children took turns playing the director, producer, photographer and other media roles. After a few shots, the club decided to progress to their next digital venture—videography. One child pretended to be a journalist interviewing their classmates about the lessons they’ve learned thus far. Two other children sat adjacent to the interviewer poised and ready to articulate their knowledge. Prior to the videographer filming, a student filled out the slate (a clapperboard used to assist video production synchronization by marking each scene) and waited for the director to shout “Action” before snapping it shut. They had complete
creative control of the set, and once they were satisfied with their production they sang karaoke.

DSC_0025The sheer talent of the Spring Creek Afterschool’s Media Club even caught the attention of the 75th Precinct, who noticed the party’s commotion while visiting the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC) for youth recruitment. The officers were so amazed by the children’s apt photography skills, and decided to stay during the holiday extravaganza.
At the end of the party the children received certificates for their participation in TC Vision’s Media program.
If you are interested in having your child participate in the TC Vision Media Program, please contact Teen Central at 718-652-7168.
Photos by Amanda Moses and the Spring Creek Afterschool’s Media Club