Dear Residents, 

We hope you are staying safe during these challenging times. 

Earlier this week, you may have seen data released by New York City indicating that our zip code has the highest fatality rate in the City. While the death toll that COVID-19 has taken throughout this City has been devastating, we want to clarify some of the information reported while also assuring you that we remain vigilant in our effort to keep this community as safe as possible during this unprecedented time. 

Although Spring Creek Towers is situated within the 11239 zip code area, the area is also home to several other residential communities, including senior housing facilities and nursing homes, where COVID-19 cases have been disproportionately high. Based on self-reported information from members of our community, we do not believe that the majority of the reported COVID-related fatalities within the entire 11239 zip code stem from Spring Creek Towers. We will continue to monitor the situation carefully. 

We thought it might be helpful to share a few additional highlights regarding the data reported earlier this week: 

Our known and suspected COVID-19 fatalities represent fewer than 30% of those reported by NYC. Please note, fatalities are considered “suspected” if a family member or EMT doesn’t confirm the cause at the time of reporting. This data comes from residents reporting a fatality, and from Public Safety’s coordination with ambulances as they arrive on site.

The NYC data that has been published attempts to equalize rates across different zip codes. NYC has used a population size for our zip code of less than 13,000 residents. Spring Creek Towers alone has over 18,000 residents, and including the other residential communities, the number of residents in the 11239 zip code is believed to be much higher. If an accurate population size is used, the fatality rate would drop substantially, and would drop from the top of the NYC statistics.

We write this letter not to downplay the importance of the statistics or the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our residents and our community overall, but to provide important context to understand what the data, which has been incorrectly reported as being at Spring Creek Towers specifically, is telling us.  

From the outset of this pandemic, we have been aggressive in putting in place processes to keep our community as safe as possible, and we will continue to do so. Your safety remains our highest priority. We proactively closed amenities and common areas to emphasize social distancing requirements, paused all non-essential work orders, and increased the scope and cleaning of high touch areas including doorknobs, elevator buttons etc. Any time we receive a positive diagnosis in the community, we execute a “deep cleaning” using EPA-approved cleaning agents and also post a notice to make residents in the buildings aware. Our Public Safety team has actively engaged in the community to ensure social distancing, particularly as the weather has improved. Finally, we have been particularly focused on serving our seniors, ensuring they have access to food, assistance and delivery of medication when needed.

We will continue to actively monitor COVID-19 and guidance from federal, state and local officials, and will continue to adapt and evolve our procedures as more information and best practices are learned in our efforts to keep the community safe and healthy. We thank you all for your continued support throughout this pandemic. 

Wishing you good health, 

Spring Creek Management