All Major Crimes Solved In SCT Since June 2018


On March 13th, at the Starrett City Tenants Association (SCTA) general meeting, Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) Department of Public Safety (DPS) announced that they have successfully solved all major index crimes, since June 2018. Major index crimes are a compilation of felony statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigations from data supplied by local and state law enforcement Investigations.

DPS was able to solve these cases with the assistance of the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) 75th Precinct’s Detective Squad and the NYPD Robbery Squad. DPS Investigations Commander, John Cornicello, credits their partnership with the NYPD and comprehensive investigations that allowed for resolutions to the incidents that were reported. “Coordinated communication with our internal (onsite personnel) and NYPD partners, is a contributing factor in addressing crime reports and other matters of community concern. We utilize hard resources- our CCTV camera system- extensively, and combine these resources with some old-fashion detective work: knocking on doors and talking to people. Technology is a tool, but people are the keys to success,” Cornicello said.

DPS provides attention to each case reported to them. The department investigates all incidents. “Quality of life incidents, including property damage, are an important focus of our mission at DPS,” Cornicello said.
A primary goal of DPS’s is to improve the community’s quality of life, and they are able to do so by partnering with community residents. “For that reason it is important that residents be conscious of their surroundings, and if they feel uncomfortable or something doesn’t seem right they should call DPS. If you see something, say something. All calls are handled confidentially,” Cornicello said.

In an Emergency call 911 first.
You can call DPS at 718-642-7550.