An Interview and delight. with Game Developer Prideful Sloth

YonderBY Dean Moses

Game: Yonder: The Could Catcher Chronicles
Platform: PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows
Rating: E for Everyone
Cost: $24.99

Approximately one month ago we reviewed Yonder: The Could Catcher Chronicles, a visually gorgeous title
that places an emphasis on farming and gathering, rather than unnecessary combat. In fact, this game contains no violence whatsoever, a change we found to be both enjoyable and refreshing. A month after its release we followed up with developer Prideful Sloth for an interview on the game’s current state and the inspirations behind its creation.

Spring Creek Sun (SCS): Could you talk about the games and concepts that inspired you to create Yonder?
Prideful Sloth (PS): There are more visible influences such as the Zelda series, Harvest Moon & Story of Seasons series, and Animal Crossing series, too. Other influences, that may be less noticeable, are
Pokémon series and titles such as Shadow of the Colossus and Ōkami. Outside of games there is inspiration from Studio Ghibli. There is also the inspiration from nature; from all the magnificent places I’ve lived in
and traveled to. There is also family and friends. In the world of Gemea there are nods to many wonderful people we know and treasure!

SCS: In a marketplace flooded with shooting and fighting games, Yonder is a breath of fresh air. What do you hope players new to this genre take away from their time with the game?
PS: Our hope, with Yonder, was that people would find a charming and delightful world they wanted to spend time in. We wanted Yonder to be a safe place to play and experiment in. Mostly, we wanted Yonder to be a comfortable and inviting world!

SCS: After launching Yonder, were there any ideas or things you would have liked to implement in retrospect?
PS: There is always a balance between polish and feature implementation. We have learned over a number of years that development that your list of would like’s is always longer than we can implement. So, the balance is more about making sure the end product is as polished as possible, and what you ship with is as cohesive as possible. We have a number of things we would love to do, and still hope to do.
SCS: Do you have any plans to add downloadable content to the game?
PS: Absolutely! We have plenty more of Yonder that we want to share with players. We are looking forward to inviting players back into the world of Gemea for further adventures and delight.

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