Around the World in 160 Days


On May 30th, the Spring Creek After School Program, Teen Central and the Spring Creek Youth Symphony hosted an end of year performance in the Brooklyn Sports Club’s (BSC) gymnasium, showcasing all of the wonder that takes place in the world of after school.

Upon entering the gymnasium, attendees were serenaded with a beautiful recital by the Spring Creek Youth Symphony with conductor, Mark Thrasher. The thunderous drums, melodic brass ensemble, and soft sounds from the string sections swept audience members away. The sheer display of professionalism and talent had parents on their feet giving the group a standing ovation.

Every year all of the youth programs held under the Office of Community Relations and Public Affairs orchestrates an event to show parents what the children learned. Eurydice Robinson, the Director of Youth Development and Community Outreach, welcomed all in attendance, and introduced the wide array of programs offered.

The end of year performance began when Director of Spring Creek After School Program, Jeremy Williams, and his MC partner, eight-year-old, Saniyah Gray discussed this year’s theme: Around the World in 160 Days. “We chose the theme Around the World in 160 Days because it was something we explored throughout this school year. It came from the idea that our program was open for 160 days for this year. Hence the idea of allowing students to navigate the world in 160 days,” Williams said.
Guests were then treated to a short film promotion about Spring Creek Teen Central (TC) Vision and the After School Program’s Media Club, depicting all of the software and digital media the students are learning to use, as well as the creative projects they have been involved in.

In addition to the show, the students’ achievements were on full display in the gymnasium with photos and poster boards scattered throughout the room, showcasing their after school activities, as well as their study of the seven continents. Throughout the year, the children worked with their instructors to research cultural facts about: Antarctica, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. They learned that Antarctica is our frozen continent, and in doing so decided to create a live science demonstration on fake snow. A group of third graders used a large mixing bowl, shaving cream, and baking soda. Once mixed together, the students threw their fake snow in the air and watched it sprinkle all around like a winter wonderland.

The fourth graders recited poems about the continents and discussed the history of Buckingham Palace, while the kindergartens performed a Western line-dancing routine while dressed like cowboys and cowgirls.

The fifth graders taught the guests about traditional games played in Africa, as well as African sayings. Another group presented their knowledge on Japanese sayings and the art of Karate. The event culminated with a group of first graders dressed in attire from India, as they performed folk dances.

Parents, friends, and other family members were impressed by the children’s talent and the plethora of cultural lessons that they were introduced to through the Spring Creek Towers’ youth programs.

Photos by Amanda Moses