Associated Supermarket Hosts Customer Appreciation Day


On June 30th, Associated Supermarket hosted their Annual Customer Appreciation day in the Spring Creek Towers’ shopping center’s parking lot.

The event was held on a bright and sweltering Saturday just outside of the store’s entrance-way where dozens of vendor booths filled the parking lot, offering everyone free samples of their delicious products. Despite the heat, residents were laughing and smiling as they danced to music emanating from a Doritos themed truck.

If anyone was thirsty, they could try free cold samples of Inca Kola,Café La Llave, Iberia Coconut Water, Associated’s brand of seltzer water, and so much more. All of the vendors were eager to hand out samples of their products and describe the various flavors and food their organizations offer. Some residents, like Monique Shands, were so enthralled by the music and free food that she couldn’t help but dance her way to each vendor booth. “I went last summer, and I loved it! It really brings everyone together, and is a nice start of the summer,” Shands said.

As a staple of summertime fun, Associated also included a grill at their celebration. Residents formed a long line to receive free freshly grilled burgers and hot dogs topped with ketchup or mustard. Associated Super-market’s Customer Appreciation Day was a spectacular event that brought members of the Spring Creek Towers’ community together.  Patricia Jackson and her two year-old daughter, Peyton, enjoyed attending this  annual event because it makes her feel more connected. “It’s so much fun with all of the food and music! Once Peyton hears the music she just wants to dance,” Jackson said.

Photos by Amanda Moses