Attention Residents: Power Plant Modernization and Reliability Project

Spring Creek Towers (SCT) Power Plant Modernization and Reliability Project – Update

We continue to make progress on the installation of permanent back up power at Spring Creek Towers. Later this week, we will begin to connect our new generators and existing turbines to our new electrical switchgear controls. The electrical switchgear serves as the “control panel” for the entire power plant and we are excited to be upgrading to a new, state of the art switchgear from our current one.

The process of connecting our power plant to our new switchgear is complicated. While we have planned extensively for this and expect it to go smoothly, it is possible that residents may experience a temporary loss of power during certain key switch over activities.

Out of an abundance of caution, we will be taking additional precautions during these key dates to help ensure resident safety. During these times we will take elevators out of service, close laundry rooms and have additional personnel onsite in case anything unexpected happens. We understand this will cause some inconvenience to many of our residents but it is required for safety. Projects of this scale require we take precautionary steps to ensure a successful completion.

There are eight critical dates in this project that will occur throughout the month of July. The first date will be Wednesday July 8th from 1-1:30 PM during which time elevators will be out of service and laundry rooms will be closed until 1:30 PM. Please plan accordingly.

We will post notices in all lobbies and elevators advising you of the subsequent dates/times. In all cases we will provide at least 24 hours notice.
Our teams in public safely and maintenance will be available to assist any residents should they require assistance while the elevators are out of service. Our numbers to contact us are: 718-642-7550 (public safety) and 718-240-4646 (maintenance).

We appreciate your understanding while this work is underway.
SCT Management

1390 Pennsylvania Avenue 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, New York 11239