Back Again For The Summer – The Peregrine Falcon


Several months ago, Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) resident John Nunez snapped a picture of a Peregrine Falcon perched on his balcony. Well, birdwatchers rejoice for our fast-flying bird of prey is back again.

Spotted this month, the Peregrine Falcon is known for its powerful, high flying, bullet-like speed when aerial diving for food. The Peregrine Falcon is said to be an elite predator hunting mediumsized birds, such as pigeons. However, despite their being fast hunters, they too are hunted by other predators, like Gyrfalcons, eagles, Great Horned Owls and other Peregrines.

One of the largest falcons in the United States, Peregrine Falcons are blue-gray in color and have thick sideburns. You can find this breed of falcon perching or nesting on tall structures, or on your balcony in SCT like Nunez did.

During the mid-twentieth century this breed was almost eradicated from eastern North America by pesticide poisoning; however, recovery efforts have helped the Peregrine Falcons to make an incredible rebound.

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