Be Fashionable, Be Geek Chic


New York Fashion Week may be the trend setter for those who want to own decadent styles by well renowned designers, but for many of us common folk who can’t afford Yves Saint Laurent pants or a Burberry trench coat, we can still emulate these brands for a reasonable price. Vintage, hipster and geek chic styles have continuously taken over the runways.

It was once thought that overly large framed glasses, comic book shirts and oxford shoes were uncool. With the over saturation of superhero movies, being a geek is now the most sought after look. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin, and showing off your individuality. If you love Pokémon Go, then go out and rock a Pikachu shirt and a red Ash Ketchum hat, or if you are into Doctor Who, then put on a bow tie, suspenders and tweed pants like the 11th Doctor portrayed by Matt Smith, from Hot Topic. Almost every shopping center has stores, such as Forever 21, H&M, JC Penny and Macy’s, that carry a plethora of comic book shirts, dresses and other paraphernalia for men and women of all ages.

hot-topic Nothing says geek chic like a black skirt, white button up shirt and oxford shoes topped off with a Harry Potter Gryffindor cardigan. This simple outfit is suitable for even the most strict work environments. So if your supervisor is anything like Professor Dolores Umbridge, you won’t have to worry about your outfit receiving any scrutiny.

deadpoolFor guys who want to spice up their hang out clothes, try a simple Deadpool t-shirt with a matching LED watch from Forever 21 and Gamestop, respectively. Showing love for your favorite oddball comic book hero, especially one as outlandish as Deadpool, is no longer faux pas. You can top off this look with a pair of Green Arrow designed sneakers to balance your love for Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

If you find yourself a member of many fandoms, and you can’t decide what trinkets and clothes to get yourself, try Loot Crate. This is a monthly subscription where fans can receive a box filled with cool clothing (t-shirt, socks, etc.), vinyl toys, gaming pins, posters and so much more. Each box has a theme. August’s Loot Crate incorporated themes from the film Suicide Squad; fans were given an Anti-hero box, which comes complete with: a Harley Quinn QFigure, Kill Bill socks, Hell Boy ceramic piggy bank, Sylvanas Windrunner (World of Warcraft) pin and an Archer t-shirt.

lootWhether you are a fashionista or just a fan, geek chic is a style everyone can take part in. What is your fandom style? The Spring Creek Sun wants to know what comic book or video game fandoms Spring Creek Towers’ residents enjoy. SCT residents can call the Spring Creek Sun (718-642-2718) for a chance to win one of the many gifts from Loot Crate. Prizes include; a World of Warcraft, Robocop or Archer t-shirts (all size small); a Dungeons and Dragons pin, War of War Craft pin, 20 Sided Die Ice Mold, Matrix Puzzle or a Terminator 2 Endoskeleton Embossed Metal Print. Winners must be SCT residents with ID and they can pick up their prize at the Spring Creek Sun office, located at 1540 Van Siclen Avenue, lower level of the Brooklyn Sports Club.