Be’er Hagolah Institutes’ Graduation Class of 2019


On June 16th, Be’er Hagolah Institutes’ senior class reached an important educational milestone—their graduation from high school. In addition to celebrating their achievements, the graduation was held on Father’s Day. What better way to show dads and other father figures how much they have contributed to their children’s education than with a high school diploma.

Parents, friends and other family members gathered within Be’er Hagolah Institutes’ auditorium with balloons, gifts and other tokens of appreciation. The guests sat on the edges of their seats bubbling with excitement and anticipation as they watched their teenagers receive recognition for a successful school year. The event began with several rousing speeches from the principals, Rabbi German, and fellow students about what the future holds for the class of 2019.

As a symbol of the teens shedding the final vestiges of their childhood schooling and preparing for college and their future careers, they stood tall with smiling faces and moved their graduation cap tassels from right to left. The rest of the graduation weekend incorporated fun activities that helped prepare the students for the transition into adulthood.

Photo courtesy of Anglea Blyakher