Behind the Scenes of a Cooking Show


After weeks of learning how to make appetizers, diner courses and desserts, the students in the Spring Creek Afterschool program are ready to host their very own cooking show with Garden Educator, Jacqui Roytman. Throughout the winter, the children expressed interest in cooking shows, like Chopped Junior, Master Chef and The Chew to Roytman. So she decided to combine their lessons of garden to table sustainability with the fun activity of producing a television show.

Like most cooking shows, Roytman decided to add a competitive component. The students will be divided into three groups: the Sons of Dragons, Honeys and Pandarrrrinas. Each group has to develop samples of a full menu, from appetizers to desserts for their fellow students and teachers to try. The students will then work together to make dishes they learned throughout their cooking lessons in the Aquaponics Lab.

Last week, the children sat surrounded by blossoming seedlings and the sound of bubbles emanating from the fish tanks as they discussed the plans for their upcoming cooking show, which will be filmed by the Spring Creek Sun and hosted in the Aquaponis Lab at the end of April.

As an added treat for the students, Roytman made popcorn for them to snack on while they pretended to be television producers. Jason Caton, 9, is a part of the Sons of Dragons cooking group. So far his partners have decided to make Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treats for dessert. As a personal twist to the treat, the Sons of Dragons will be rolling the rice marshmallows into tiny bite size balls. “I think the marshmallow rice treats were the best things we made during our cooking classes. I like how sticky and chewy they are,” Caton said excitedly.

The Honeys, another cooking group, plans on making Oreo cupcakes for their dessert, which will be covered in lots of frosting and cookie crumbs. “We made red velvet cupcakes in one of our cooking classes, so we decided to do something different, but similar at the same time. Our whole group loves Oreos, and we had so much fun mixing up the batter, so it’s the perfect dessert for us,” Sadeyah Harrison, 10, said.

The Pandarrrrinas (the ‘r’ is rolled to sound like a soft purr) will be making chocolate chip pancakes for their dessert. While this dish may be considered a sweet breakfast treat, the Pandarrrrinas hope to make tiny pancake snacks with mixed berries for an added kick. Savannah Solomon, 10, is looking forward to making this dish with her friends.


Photos by Amanda Moses