Big Gaff @ The Movies: “Addicted” not just another Chick-flick,” They Say!

movieIMAGEThere is a comment made in a Dirty Harry film, where Clint Eastwood states that, “a man must know his limitations.”  I took those words to heart when I was asked to review “Addicted”.  The last time I went to see a romantic movie, the United States was fighting a land war in North Korea. So, I reached out to six young ladies who attended this movie together to share their opinions.

They were kind and spared me the passionate details, except to say that the main character is a woman who jeopardizes her family and career, driven by her addiction to reckless romantic / sexual impulses. Armed with that background, let’s hear from those who experienced the film.

Cheryl Webb Grant Great movie really enjoyed it!

Sonya Young – Not a date night movie but hopefully after viewing it, valuable life lessons will be shown to those wise enough to learn from this tale of romance gone wrong. I enjoyed it!

Patrice Duckett – I give it a TOP 10 rating for action and suspense.

Darcy Wright – Enjoyed the movie, it had a decent storyline. Great visuals!

Shannon Walker – I thought it was good, but not as detailed as the book ….the film left out a lot of the main character’s personal pain and made it more about the whole family going through problems produced by Sharon Leal’s addiction to sex …the book focused on what caused Leal’s character to grow up with these negative issues in her life — the basis of her overwhelming addiction.

Valerie Gaffney-Thomas – enjoyed the movie. I was fascinated watching each step of “Addiction”. It was so very sexy with Boris Kodjoe, William Levy and Tyson Beckford as the male leading men. Sharon Leal was a lucky lady to work with these handsome actors.  (I trust my husband won’t see this review)

The ladies have convinced me — I am going to go against tradition and see this highly rated romance – after  I catch a war movie, a western and maybe a cops and robbers battle.