Big Gaff @ the Movies: “Nightcrawler” Gets A Standing Ovation


I can’t recall when I last started a review with that one word, but this movie can carry that high praise and honor. This film is clocked in at under two hours, but it seems to run about twice that time.  Normally that would seem to be a negative comment, but in this case, it is a compliment.

The main character, Louis Bloom, is so evil and crazy that you can’t believe he does so much damage to those around him in under two hours on the screen.  Jake Gyllenhaal, of “Broke Back Mountain” fame, plays this main character.  This actor went the extra mile and lost over 30 pounds to give the main character that “lean and hungry look” of a man seeking power.

I am not giving away any inside information when I say that Louis is a hardcore sociopath.

A sociopathic personality has no feelings of care or concern for other people. This type of person can be charming, grandiose, intelligent and yet, abusive and manipulative.

The nightcrawler is a worm, most often used to attract fish and doom them to the deadly end of a hook.  Jake does that to same thing to those he targets in his evil path to fame, glory and the Big Money.

Jake dominates this film, but his performance is well supported by Rene Russo, Bill Paxton and Riz  Ahmed, in key roles. A great deal of the praise for this film must go to writer / director Dan Gilroy.  I also salute him for keeping this project under two hours.

This story will hold your attention from start to finish, because you won’t be able to relax for a single minute, Louis is up to some form of evil with every other word he speaks.

I have to think that we will see Louis Bloom in another chapter of his evil adventures as a freelance video news cameraman for various Los Angeles television stations.  He is the character you love to hate and we would all take pleasure in seeing justice done to this evil being.