Big Gaff @ the Movies/ “Selma,” An Emotionally Involved Film

movieBy George Gaffney

I won’t be able to review “Selma” like a regular or ordinary film.  This production is
far from ordinary, the audience at the showing I attended did not leave their seats when the film ended.  The people had to take a few moments to gather themselves and get their emotions
ready for the world of 2015, their visit to 1965 was very stressful.

I can’t list the cast in this film, because I would need to salute every person appearing on
the screen, from stars to faces in the crowd scenes.  I have to make one exception – Oprah Winfrey has a scene with county clerk, Clay Chappell, that goes to the heart of the matter
In Sella.  The evil of a church bombing is an extraordinary event, but the evil Oprah faced was
part of the daily routine of life in Alabama.

If you just want to see a film and kill some time eating popcorn in the dark, go
see “The Return of Godzilla”.  “Selma” is serious and hardcore and demands your full attention and emotional involvement.  My job is to tell you that this film is worthy of your time and concern and the cash you pay to sit in the dark for two hours and eight minutes.