Black in Fashion

By Amanda Moses

February is Black History Month (February 1st to March 1st), a commemorative period when we pay tribute to the many contributions Black and Brown Americans who have broken through barriers and overcome obstacles to achieve greatness.

In honor of Black History Month and the Black Lives Matter movement, the Black in Fashion Council was founded by Lindsay Peoples Wagner, the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue.  Over the past few months, several companies signed a three-year commitment pledge to help empower Black artists, models, and all employees. Representation and equal opportunities have always been an issue within the fashion industry. Black and Brown individuals are often overlooked, and Black in Fashion Council looks to create inclusivity and develop an overall equal playing field for this in the world of fashion.

During the 2021 New York Fashion Week (NYFW) shows, the Black in Fashion Council partnered with IMG and Spring Studios to showcase 16 designers from February 14th to February 17th for an in-person and digital runway show.  Also, during NYFW, the Black in Fashion Council Hosted a series of town halls to discuss these emerging designers.

 In honor of these featured artists, the Spring Creek Sun will highlight some of their designs and innovations for Black History Month and Fashion Week. Black in Fashion chose: House of Aama, Beads Byaree, Come Back as a Flower, Chuks Collins, Chelsea Paris, Edas, Kendra DuPlantier, Lola Ade, Label by Three, Local European, Marrisa Wilson, Michel Men, Nicole Benfield, Nicole Shante, Third Crown, and Whensmokeclears.

House of Aama: This ethereal clothing is flowy, and bright, giving off a peaceful aura to the wearer.  

Beads Byaree: Designer Areeayl Good created intricate jewelry, featuring dangling chain link earrings embedded with childhood photographs, large hoop earring covering in seashells, and a necklace in with 3-D golden chairs.

Come Back as a Flower: Hosted an online fashion video, filmed like a classic home video with models adorning comfortable, oversized shirts and pants featuring abstract designs.

Chuks Collins: This international brand displayed glamorous dresses fit for Hollywood’s red carpet.

Chelsea Paris: A bold luxurious shoe brand, showcased their latest designs, such as a bright orange, thinly strapped shoes with rounded low-heels and a pair of leather penny loafer with a thick silver buckle.

Lola Ade: “Jewelry is poetry—the color, lines, the texture—each piece sends a message,” said Lola Ade in her NYFW video, displaying beautiful pink bangles, chain link bracelets and simple gold chains.  Each piece resonates strength, beauty, and truly highlights the importance of Ade’s Nigerian culture.

Marrisa Wilson: This ready to wear brand displayed structured outfits that simply popped from their speakeasy background.

Nicole Benfield: For a chic down to business look, Nicole Benfield showcases this season sheer tops with wide-legged pants, oversized trench coats wrapped with a leather belt, and black throw over dress with black leather top and sheer gloves. 

Nicole Shante: A women’s wear brand whose style emanates poise with its luxurious fabrics and tailored designs.