Blast From the Past: PlayStation 2 Games

There’s a saying: what’s old is new again. For some, the Play Station 2 (PS2) era of gaming is a distant memory; others may be too young to have experienced it at all. With this sentiment in mind, Sony has recently added a new section in the PlayStation store, “PS2 on PS4).” Here gamers can download slightly improved older games to play on their newest console. All PS2 games run at 1080p (video resolution) and come with trophy support (the virtual award for accomplishing feats in game.) The only downside to playing these games on this updated platform is the fact they do not fill the entire screen, but just because these games are old, does not mean they are bad, or good. The Spring Creek Sun has compiled a short list to help you choose the best games to download, whether you are new to PS2 or if you are looking back with rose-tinted glasses, we picked the cream of the crop.
Star_Wars_Bounty_Hunter_PS2Star Wars Bounty Hunter
Rated: T for Teen
Cost: $9.99
In most Star Wars video games players usually find themselves in the role of a Jedi, Bounty Hunter changes things up by placing you in Jango Fett’s boots. First appearing in the space saga’s second prequel, Fett played a major role by being the basis of the clone army. This game shows how Jango came to be enlisted by the bad guys of the universe. Taking place over a variety of planets, you must use all of Jango’s tools including: blasters, jetpacks, cables, and flamethrowers to get his prey. Bounty Hunter is perfect for Star Wars fans looking for a different view on the galaxy.

Vice city (1)Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Rated: M for Mature
Cost: $14.99

This game aims to take you back a lot further than the days of PS2. Vice City takes place during the 1980’s in a fictional city based on Miami. From the bright clothing and fast cars to the gigantic cellphones and vintage soundtrack, this games oozes 80’s, and makes you feel it, despite your age. Heavily inspired by such classics as Miami Vice and Scarface, Vice City places you in a gigantic playground in which you can either follow an engaging narrative, or simply explore and have a good time. Sadly, this title no longer looks up to snuff when compared to games of today. However, if you can stomach some blocky character models and some stiff controls, you will find a classic gem in gaming history.

Dark_cloud_2_us_frontDark Cloud 2
Rated: T for Teen
Cost: $14.99
One of the greatest Role Playing Games (RPG) to ever grace Sony’s second console. Created with beautiful cell-shaded graphics and fantasy landscapes to explore, Dark Cloud 2 puts you in control of Max and Monica, two lovable protagonists embroiled in a deep plot filled with action and time travel. The story is just one addictive aspect of this game. Players can search dungeons for new items that allow weapons to be transformed into more powerful variations, not only that, you can also customize certain areas to match your style and even partake in hobbies such as fishing. Dark Cloud 2 is an RPG before it’s time, and still holds up well today.
If you are an Xbox One gamer there is no need to feel left out of the nostalgia. Microsoft has recently announced their take on backwards compatibility, bringing their own blast from the past. A recent update will allow you to use select Xbox 360 discs on the latest system, including the likes of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Fallout 3. For a full list of supported games visit