Brooklyn Sports Club Celebrates Director’s Birthday

By Amanda Moses

On March 5th, the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC) celebrated Executive Director, Arnie Gonzalez’s birthday with an intergalactic party worthy of a Jedi Master.  Since Gonzalez is a staunch Star Wars fan, the staff decided to don their club room with Sith and Jedi memorabilia.  There were light sabers, Force themed bracelets, character masks featuring Yoda, Boba Fett, a Strom Trooper, and Darth Vader.  There was even a photobooth poster that said, “A Long time ago, in a galaxy far away…Happy Birthday” hung for all to pose in front of with their inflatable light sabers. Gonzalez even whipped out his collector’s Star Wars helmets for the staff to take pictures in.

The festivities allowed the staff to show how much they appreciate Gonzalez and all of his hard work. He often refers to the BSC staff as his extended family.

Happy Birthday Arnie Gonzalez and May the Force by With You Always!

Photos by Dean Moses