Cancer Survivors Face Workplace Challenges

_ImageSURVIVOR(StatePoint) Cancer affects more than a person’s health, it can impact his or her working life. While nearly four-fifths of survivors say they need to work for financial reasons, nearly half worry that prospective employers would treat them differently if they knew about their diagnosis, according to survey results from Harris Poll on behalf of Cancer and Careers, an organization dedicated to supporting the growing number of people working during and after cancer treatment.

“No matter the reason for returning, work can be empowering for cancer survivors, and with the right information and preparation, they can truly thrive in the workplace,” says Kate Sweeney, executive director at Cancer and Careers.

Finance is a driving factor for most survivors returning to work, but many also want to maintain a sense of normalcy or feel productive, the survey found. Working cancer survivors have a unique set of challenges, from thinking through their online image, to dealing with gaps in work history on resumes and cover letters. For tips, tools and resources, visit

While working during cancer treatment or seeking employment afterwards can seem daunting, resources are available to help survivors through the process.