Inquiring Photographer

Inquiring Photographers asks: What are your summer plans

              Kimara Green, a staff member at Frederick Douglass Academy VIII: “I plan on taking several vacations this summer. We will be going to…

Teens Discuss Holiday Wish List

By Amanda Moses Inquiring Photographer: As the holidays slowly approach, many parents are wondering what presents to purchase for their children. Should you buy them the latest video games, music,…

Inquiring Photographer: MTA’s Proposal to Increase Fare

This week, the MTA proposed an increase in fares and tolls over the next two years. If approved in January 2015 by the MTA’s board of trustees, the increases will…

Inquiring Photographer: Smartphone’s Camera/Video Features

Inquiring Photographer:  How do you use your smartphone camera/video features?        

Inquiring Photographer: Residents’ Opinion on the Numerous White House Breaches

Inquiring Photographer: In recent weeks and months, there have been breaches in the White House’s security.  How dangerous a situation do you think it is? Why?

Inquiring Photographer: Did you live up to your New Year’s resolution?

Inquiring Photographer:  Nine months of the year are almost over, during that time did you live up to your New Year’s resolution? If not, why?   Desiree Gonzalez “I always…

Inquiring Photographer: First Day of School

Inquiring Photographer:  How was the first day of school?