Celebrating Father’s Day at SCT!

The Spring Creek Sun invited students, teachers, and residents in Spring Creek Towers (SCT) to wish their fathers, grandfathers, and male figures a Happy Father’s Day!

A father is more than the biological paternal source of our being. A father is the person who cares and provides for us (in most cases, anyway). A father is the man who helps to set the standards, the family values, and examples are stepfathers and other men who willingly and eagerly accept and cherish this role. A father isn’t always biological, but can be a father figure to you, and you should give him some recognition today and don’t hesitate to call him, “Dad”.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads!

-Spring Creek Teen Central Director, Lonai Mosely

Thank you Starret City Judo Club and Mr. Legros for making me a better person and understanding why Judo is still important during Covid-19. Judo has made me stronger mentally and physically. I can do more exercises than I did before and I have learned that through Zoom Judo. I have built a better relationship with my Judo brothers and sisters and my Sensei.

-Kevin Bailey Jr.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad for being there for me when I’m feeling down and making me happier. Happy Father’s Day to Mr. Legros and Sensei Tyrick because they have been there for us.


Happy Father’s Day to my father, Kevin Bailey, he helps me to be strong by helping me exercise and keeping me healthy by making sure I eat right. He is my protector and the protector of the family. He makes sure that I do things right.

-Jessiah Bailey

Happy Father’s Day Mr. Legros!

-Ms. Smith, Ronald, Chantel, and Robert

Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers, I wish you all the best.


I love my Pop!

-Jovan St. Meran

Happy Father’s Day to my Uncles: Uncle Kris, Uncle Adam, and Uncle Jon! You are all great role models and thank you for your love and support.

-Lucas Hearn

Dads love us and we love them too.

-Love, Madison

It takes a village to raise a child. I would like to say Happy Father’s Day to Parnel Legros, Jeremy Bonserio, Coach Leo, Kevin Bailey Sr. and all the fathers who continue to support all of the children in the community.

-Love, Tyrick

Happy Father’s Day to my mom, LeSaun, Coach Leo, and my Dad.

-Love, Kelsey and JJ Billups

You make me feel like the luckiest, prettiest girl in the whole wide world and I’m glad that you are my daddy. Happy Father’s Day,

With lots of love,

-Fayth Washington

On behalf of the Sunflowers, we would like to thank Mr. Jeremy and Mr. Watson for their continued love and leadership. Thank you for watering our seeds.

-Ms. Alicia’s Sunflower class

Dear Dad,

Thank you for always being there for all of us. You have always been the shoulder we can lean on, cry on, and the hand to lift us up when we fall. We love you so much!

-Love, Amanda and Angelina

I love my Pappa!

-Jaiden Charles

To My Dad in Heaven,

   Dad, I miss you so much and love you.