Celebrating Teacher’s Day: A Spotlight on Local Schools

May 7th marks Teacher’s Day, which is a time to show educators our appreciation for their contributions, patience, and dedication to their work. Local schools in the Spring Creek Towers’ community will be sending messages of appreciation for the upcoming Spring Creek Sun May issues honoring their staff.

Starrett Early Learning Center

Starrett Early Learning Center is pleased to recognize Ms. Kimaura Buntin during Staff Appreciation Week of 2019. Ms. Kimaura Buntin is a NYC certified Universal Pre-Kindergarten teacher. Ms. Kimaura fondly recalls her introduction to teaching while she was in kindergarten. In her words, “Teachers are great role models.” She fondly remembers and admired her kindergarten teacher. Kimaura states the many times that she mimicked and wanted to be just like her kindergarten teacher. It was during her early years a passion for education was ignited. As a teen, Kimaura worked for the Summer Youth Program. In fact, she was employed with Starrett Early Learning Center! This experience con-firmed her desire to pursue a career as a teacher. Kimuara graduated from Brooklyn College with a BA in Childhood Education. She also obtained teaching certification in Early Childhood Education. For Kimaura, one of the highlights of teaching is when a child is able to understand a concept and use his or her imagination in creative ways. One of Ms. Kimaura’s future goals is to become a children’s author. She wants to make an impact in meaningful ways that will positively influence the life of a child! Ms. Kimaura believes, “anything is possible because nothing is impossible!” One of her co-workers describes Ms. Kimaura: “She is passionate about teaching. She loves to help and comes up with great ideas. She is big on family engagement and a great team player.” Congratulations, Ms. Kimaura!

Ms. Tammy Moore, SELC Director

Photo courtesy of Starrett Early Learning Center

Gateway Intermediate School (IS) 364

We are so fortunate to have a group of teachers that are dedicated to the charge of preparing our youth for the future. The teachers at Gateway Intermediate School 364 understand what it takes to build up the students for greatness. Though there are days when it may be chal-lenging, they always find a way to see the positive in every situation and make it work. Jim Henson said “Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” It is an honor to work with teachers who strive every day to be the best examples to our student body, by modeling high expectations and being accountable.

To the teachers at Gateway Intermediate School 364 we want to thank you for all of your hard work. We appreciate you!

Ms. Fraser-Edmund, Principal
Ms. Treena Hall, Assistant Principal
-”Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” -Nelson Mandela

Photos courtesy of IS 364