Celebrating the holidays at Spring Creek Towers

By Amanda Moses

Spring Creek Towers’ youth programs joined together on December 17th to hold their annual holiday performance; however, this year it was all showcased virtually through Zoom.

Dozens of parents, children, instructors, and staff signed onto the Zoom platform, many dressed in their favorite holiday clothes, excited to watch the pre-recorded performances.

Spring Creek Towers’ Youth Development  and Community Outreach Director, Eurydice Robinson opened the digital holiday extravaganza by thanking everyone in attendance for their continued love and support.  She credited the staff’s steadfast work for helping create a cohesive and productive environment for the children to learn and grow.

The Spring Creek Youth Orchestra was the first group to share videos of their steady progress throughout the fall programing. With the help of digital editing, Spring Creek Youth Orchestra’s conductor, Mark Thrasher stitched together a video of his students performing “Rock Ye Merry Gentlemen.”

After the orchestra’s stellar opening performance, the Spring Creek After School Program’s Group Leader, Ms. Alicia took a moment to explain various stay-at-home activities students in the Spring Creek After School Program have completed during their Fun Zone Fridays.

“Fun Zone Fridays are an opportunity for each grade level to mix and mingle while participating in fun and engaging activities,” said one student in their video showcase.  

Crafting doesn’t end with Fun Zone, members of the Spring Creek After School program also work with Garden Educator, Jacqui Roytman to explore science experiments, along with arts and crafts. Their virtual class, Seeds to Grow, teaches science through literature.   

“We have been exploring genre, themes, non-fiction, and plant biology, so that they can learn the importance of gardening and plants in our everyday lives,” Roytman wrote on her slideshow.

Roytman showed images of the students learning about seeds from the story, “A seed is sleepy,” and then together they created 3-D models of a pollinated flower using construction paper, Play-dough, and Q-tips.

Following Roytman’s beautiful slideshow, Spring Creek Teen Central exhibited a short video highlighting all of the festive fun the members had during their virtual sessions. From Christmas themed trivia games to Anime Club where the children learned how to say holiday words in Japanese. Teen Central’s staff also filmed their students having a blast playing Ballers Express in-person sessions.

In between these segments, the Spring Creek Youth Orchestra played videos of the students performing Jingle Bells using violins and one student played the bells.

The Starrett Judo Club online was next to show off their holiday spirit, who filmed their rigorous training sessions. Dressed in their Judo Gi, the students began their virtual class with swooping kicks and powerful punches.

After that display of vibrant energy, the Spring Creek Youth Orchestra’s instructors ended the event with a rendition of “Santa Claus is coming to town.”

As a final treat for all of the families, Santa paid a special visit from the North Pole to the virtual extravaganza thanking the staff and even had customized messages for all of the children in attendance.

Screenshots by Amanda Moses