Chanukkah: A Week of Celebrating at Be’er Hagolah


Chanukkah is the festival of lights, and Be’er Hagolah is going to make those lights shine bright. As Chanukkah starts on Sunday, December 6th the children who attend Be’er Hagolah will have a weeklong of parties and festivities to look forward to.

Upon walking into Be’er Hagolah the spirit of Chanukkah can already be felt in the building as the students are learning to observe the holiday.

The children in the younger grades from first grade to fourth grade will be having a special presentation by the students of the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (located in Long Island), while the boys in the fourth through the eighth grades will be having a special Chanukkah Jeopardy. That’s a pretty cool concept. While the boys will be facing the Chanukkah Jeopardy challenges, the girls in the fourth through twelfth grades will be learning new Chanukkah dance lessons.


All students will be having Chanukkah parties and will be having some delicious dishes that commemorate the celebration of Chanukkah. Some dishes depending on the grades will include: a breakfast feast for the younger grades, which will include waffles and donuts. Older students will feast on Chinese food or pizza. All students will be feasting on latkes (a traditional delicacy) and of course those chocolate gold coins.

The menorah lighting will be the highlight, which will commemorate the importance and true meaning of Chanukkah. “The kids are being taught to face the enemy with courage, and believe in God. That’s what Chanukkah is all about,” said Pearl Kaufman, Director of Be’er Hagolah.


Excitement is in the air, and kids are bringing home all they learned about Chanukah at Be’er Hagolah. Little, eight-year old, Inna said it best, “I love Chanukah. It gives me a chance to show my parents what I learned in school. I know how to say the special brachos (blessings) over the Menorah and my parents and I sing the special Chanukah songs together.”

Photos courtesy of Be’er Hagolah