Chinese New Year: The Year of the Fire Monkey

Jan 29_Oct 9 2008.qxd


Although many of us have put away our 2016 glasses and noise makers, the Chinese New Year does not officially start until Monday, February 8th. If you would like to rein in the “Year of the Fire Monkey” with firecrackers, music and a parade, then you should stop by the Lunar New Year Parade and festival in Chinatown.

This annual affair is set to impress people of all ages with its stunning visuals and tantalizing food. The parade begins at 11 am, stretching from Chinatown to Little Italy (Canal Street to East Houston). About 500,000 firecrackers will be ignited, putting on a spectacular display at 12 pm, and throughout the day there will be plenty of cultural performances by Sara Roosevelt Park (Grand and Forsyth Streets).

Did you know: The Fire Monkey represents cleverness. Those born this year are said to be: intelligent, quick-witted, lively, gentle and loving.