Comic Con Exclusive: Phantom of the Kill Interview

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By Dean Moses

New York Comic Con played host to breaking movie and television news, it exhibited the debut of unaired episodes and star-studded panels—but that’s not all. Leading video game developers also attended the event. In addition, many unreleased video games were on display and playable for attendees, one such game was Phantom of the Kill, a fun, strategy Role Playing Game (RPG) for tablets and phones. The Spring Creek Sun received an exclusive interview with Benjamin Perlee, PR Manger for Gumi America Inc.

Spring Creek Sun (SCS): Could you tell us about the game?

Benjamin Perlee (BP): Phantom of the Kill is an upcoming strategy RPG from Gumi Games. It’s the English version of the game that launched in Japan about nine months ago, and what’s really exciting about this version of the game is that it is a strategy RPG where the various characters are human manifestations of shards of legendary weapons throughout history. So, we’ve got weapons based off of Levantine, Nordic, Greek, Roman, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian [culture]. These weapons are on a journey to discover who they are and why they exist in this world that’s been overrun with demons, and why they feel this compulsion to fight other manifestations of themselves.

SCS: The cut scenes look like theyare based on anime, could you talk a little about that?

BP: What’s really exciting is we actually got the director of Ghost in the Shell to create the opening cinematic for us, and Gumi has some very exciting plans for Phantom of the Kill internationally, and that actually leads over to the global version of the game. We have officially announced that male characters are coming to the game. Prior, in Japan, they’ve only had female characters, who we call killer princesses. We are really thrilled to announce our first killer prince, which is Zero, who’s the first male manifestation of Levantine, who is a very popular character in Japan.

SCS: What was the inspiration for Phantom of the Kill?

BP: I know that all of our developers are really big fans of really popular strategy RPG’s that exist in Japan. What we are really aiming to do with Phantom of the Kill is introduce to players a really high quality, kind of mid-core, anime focused strategy RPG that you can play on your phone or tablet. It’s a free to play game, so anyone can jump in and check it out. I have been playing both the English and Japanese versions myself, and it is a lot of fun.

SCS: What do you think players will enjoy most about Phantom of the Kill?

BP: The core gameplay is really tight. No matter what, even if you don’t care about the storyline, there is some really amazing character art. They (players) are going to have a really good time deconstructing who they like the best, finding out the little plotlines. There are about sixty characters and each of them have their own story missions. So while you can unlock different variations that are more tank focused or support focused or damaged focused. They are still the same character, but they have different character art and outfits and costumes, and that’s all reflected within the game. So, it’s really neat to pick your favorite characters and focus on them, and I think players are going to have a good time with some really solid gameplay.

SCS: On what platforms will Phantom of the Kill be available?

BP: It’s going to be on Android and IOS devices initially. We will be making announcements about any other platforms in the future.

SCS: When will Phantom of the Kill be released?

BP: It’s launching internationally winter 2015.

Photos by Dean Moses and from the Phantom of the Kill’s Facebook page.

Phantom of the Kill