Big Gaff @ The Movies – Coming of Age Tale Makes For Great Adult Film

boyhood4_largeI am not a preacher, but I often send out a message with the same passion used by those who speak from the pulpit. My message is that if you wait to hear about a really good movie, you will live a life unfulfilled. Good movies for adults are few and far between.

The few worthy movies won’t normally make a great deal of money. Kids go to the theater about 24 times a year. Adults go (without kids in tow) about six times a year. You have heard of “Spider-Man” and “Godzilla”. But, do you have knowledge of: “Belle” – “Chef” – “The Grand Hotel Budapest” or “Boyhood”?

You have to search for good adult focused movies and I feel like a preacher when I can bring you word of a quality film. “Boyhood” is a dramatic motion picture that was filmed over a 12 year time span. It is not a documentary; it was written and directed by Richard Linklater. You actually see the folks / actors age over a 12 year time frame. A kindergarten boy grows into a freshman college student before your eyes. It can be difficult to commit to a luncheon meeting; these actors signed on for a 12 year hitch with this project. That is just amazing. You can’t help but get involved in their victories and their defeats – their loves and their heartbreaks. It slows down at the end and it is about two hours and forty minutes long, but if they could invest 12 years, you can stay the distance with them for that last 10 minutes.