Coming Soon to Netflix: Daredevil Season 2


By Dean Moses

New York City is truly the city of heroes. Many super powered fictional characters call NYC home in comic books, TV shows, video games, and movies. One of these heroes is Daredevil, and he returned home to a warm reception at New York Comic Con (NYCC) this past October.

The story of Daredevil, (the series follows a blind lawyer known as “the man without fear” as he takes justice into his own hands) hit Netflix earlier this year. This new series was well received by fans and critics alike, so anticipation for season two has been huge. Fans attending the recent Comic Con event here in NYC stood on a line for hours just to get a glimpse of the new trailer. Among the excited crowd were men and women dressed as Matt Murdock, (Daredevil by day) and both of Daredevil’s crime-fighting outfits. Hundreds of people chatted excitedly until they were led into an auditorium, where they scattered and hurried for the best seats in the house.

Daredevil Q&ABefore long, showrunner Jeph Loeb took to the stage, shot a sly smile to audience, and then ran off again. Seconds later he emerged with the cast of the show. Onlookers let loose a heavy round of applause as the actors took a bow amid rapid camera flashes. When the room had settled, Loeb tantalized the room once more with the promise of the first trailer. The short teaser began with a reel of clips from the first season, showcasing our hero’s fight against the Kingpin of crime. The screen faded black for a few seconds; the images that returned were the first ever footage of season two—a world exclusive. Clips of Murdock sitting with his friends in a church pew were chased down with brief glances of Elektra slipping on her mask. Next we saw The Punisher walking purposefully down what looked to be a hospital hallway prior to the trailer concluding. Reeling with excitement, spectators were given another shock when it was revealed that Jon Bernthal (The Punisher) and Elodie Yung (Elektra) were present for a question and answer session alongside Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock), Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), Drew Goddard (show creator), and Joe Quesada (executive producer.)

Daredevil CastWhen asked what it was like to play the female, ninja, assassin, Elektra, Yung responded, “It’s intense, it’s exciting and I can’t be more happy. I am a black belt of karate, Jeph Loeb had asked me, ‘Are you really a martial artist?’ Yeah, basically I can kick your [butt].”

Talking about his role as the beloved comic book antihero, The Punisher, Bernthal had this to say. “It’s a huge honor, a huge responsibility, and I give you my absolute word, I’m going to give everything that I have.”

Loeb asked Cox what he had learned while playing Murdock, to which Cox replied, “I was apprehensive about playing someone who is known as the man without fear. I worry portraying some-one who is incapable of feeling fear on a television show is not that interesting, it robs of you of one of my favorite characteristics in people, which is courage. To answer your question, the thing I have learned the most from working with these amazing people is courage, how much courage it takes to be a vulnerable human but also a vulnerable superhero.” Daredevil season two is set for release in 2016 on the streaming service, Netflix.

Photos by Dean Moses