Community Pantry Offers Locally Grown Produce

19225552_1235755093217828_3830839246238713874_nBY AMANDA MOSES
Twice a month the local, nonprofit organization Sisters With Purpose Inc. (SWP) hosts a food pantry for Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) residents. For several years, volunteers and members of SWP have distributed bread, cereal, produce, canned and dry goods from the Food Bank to members of the community within the lower level of the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC). Some of the food pantry’s patrons live on fixed incomes and
others live pay check to pay check, making it hard to afford basic necessities like food or even toiletries. The food pantry eases their burden without making residents feel uncomfortable or stigmatized.

Susie Williams, President of SWP is proud of her organization. She has worked tirelessly to ensure residents receive quality food twice a month. During the spring, Williams won a trip to LA to see the Ellen Show and a check from Capital One, acknowledging the work she does with SWP. It was after her visit to LA that she decided to collaborate with the Spring Creek Recreational Fund (SCRF) in building garden beds within the
Urban Garden Classroom (UGC) to develop fresh produce for the pantry.

After a few months of planning, building and planting in the UGC, Williams was ready to harvest her
first batch of produce for the food pantry.

20799207_1295080023952001_9150716719531974893_n“We got a lot of food and vegetables that are so fresh. We harvested parsley, basil, zucchini,
green peppers and spinach,” Williams said.

With the help of SWP volunteers, Williams was able to package the produce in baskets and offer it to residents during their bi-weekly food pantry giveaways. “Everyone who visited the pantry absolutely loved the vegetables,” said Williams.

In addition to the vegetation harvested from SWP’s two garden beds, Garden Educator Jacqui
Roytman gathered squash, eggplant, Swiss Chard and Red Callaloo from the UGC beds and donated them to the food pantry. So far the produce has been a hit with residents, inspiring Williams to create two more garden beds so that over the winter she can plant garlic and onions to harvest and distribute in the spring.

21106441_1304738506319486_2722634502637444268_nThe next project Williams will be working on is hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway on Tuesday, November 21st, which will feature guest speakers, free raffle giveaways and delicious catered food. For more information about this event, which requires preregistration, contact 646-460-4101.
Photos by Sisters With Purpose Inc.