Community Walks for a Cure

October is the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) Breast Cancer Awareness Month and on Saturday, October 25, the Starrett City-Spring Creek Lions Club, Inc. could not have asked for a better fall day to hold its annual “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” community walk through Spring Creek Towers.

“It was really nice. The weather was good and the atmosphere was great. People had a good time from what I could see, and they told me so,” said Lions Club member Janice Lacroix, the organizer of the yearly event. “We had about 300 people participate. The 45-minute walk started at 11:30 a.m. and as people walked around the community, others joined in and the number grew.”

Participants assembled in Spring Creek Towers’ Geneva Loop section on its “Great Lawn,” which was a beehive of activities.  Everywhere you looked, young and old were wearing something pink – the “Making Strides” signature color, from pink ribbons to all manner of pink apparel. The Starrett City Girl Scouts even offered cups of pink lemonade for a 25-cent donation. The event’s community partners had tables with items for sale and the proceeds were given to the Lions as of part its contribution to the ACS.

The mid-morning walk, which ended early afternoon, was chock full of activities. Family, friends and neighbors socialized, danced to music played by WBLS-HOT 97’s Street Team, watched performances by the youth group United Steppers and others.

City Councilmember Inez Barron made a guest appearance and special Citations were presented by a representative for Brooklyn Borough Presiden Eric L. Adams to the Starrett City-Spring Creek Lions Club, Inc., Lions Club members Jerry Killebrew and Janice Lacroix, and Spring Creek Towers’ Director of Public Affairs/Community Relations Devorah Fong for their dedication and commitment to impactful improvement of the lives of Brooklyn residents.

Lacroix said she was particularly happy the event captured the attention of young people, and that they wanted to be there. Their participation, she said, exposed them to the importance of having healthy bodies by eating right, exercising and having a positive outlook on life. In addition, it empowered them with a sense of knowing they were and can help others. “It makes sense to start them young,” she said while also wishing that more parents had attended. A large number of the young people participated through youth organizations and their schools.

The annual event draws attention to the cancer and the need for everyone to be educated about its existence. It also, just as importantly, helps to raise contributions for medical research and development of a cure for the disease. The “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” campaign signifies that progress is being made, and spreads hope by honoring all who have survived a breast cancer diagnosis.

Twenty-seven women were recognized by the community at this year’s walk for having successfully survived a bout with the disease. They received pink tiaras and gift bags in celebration of “having more birthdays,” said Lacroix, who explained that for most who participated in the walk that seeks a cure, there is a personal connection. “They know someone who has breast cancer, lost someone to the disease or are themselves survivors who’ve been through it.”

The Starrett City-Spring Creek Lions Club, Inc. will continue to seek and accept donation until the end of December. Contributions may be made online at, look for Starrett Lions plus Friends or by mail. Make checks/money orders  payable to The American Cancer Society and mail to Starrett City Lions, P.O. Box 172, Brooklyn, NY 11236.

 By Agnes E. Green

Photos: Winston Wharton

                Jean Holden