Confessions of a Plus-size Shopper

techtalk01By Amanda Moses

Have you ever found yourself in a clothing store admiring the attire draped over a stick-figured mannequin, wishing it were available in your size?

As a plus-size woman, I know finding the right size is absolutely stressful, and usually, all around disheartening when you see that outfit you would look perfect in, but your size is not represented on the rack. In the effort to squeeze into trendy items, like acid wash jeans, you perform circus worthy acrobatics (that even master contortionists would envy) and painful lunges, and yet those pant legs will not go past your thighs. Well, for the average fashionista, or anyone who merely wants to look good, shopping for plus-sized clothes stinks—at least in the real world.

The virtual world of online shopping, however, knows no bounds. Instead of limiting yourself to in store options, visit the company’s website. You just may find that the online racks carry that perfect dress, pants or blouse in your size and in the exact color you want. There are many brands and vintage boutiques you can shop from that cater to plus sizes. You may choose to visit Amazon or Google for less expensive, yet still trendy, options.

A word of precaution, before you whip out your credit/debit cards; make sure the site you are using is safe. Some sites might have a Norton verified checkmark on their payment page or a Paypal verified stamp, while others have a small lock icon that appears on the same line as the website address.

Smartphone Applications/ Websites for Plus-Size Shopping

  • Forever 21 Plus is my go-to site for inexpensive, comfortable and trendy outfits. Whether you are looking for a grunge, rocker style or sheek geek, it’s a great place to find trendy pieces that accentuate your curves. Shop online at or download their app to purchase the latest styles.
  • Torrid takes plus-size styles to a whole new level of high fashion. Although some of the clothes are on the pricey side, you will definitely find your power suit here for that upcoming job interview. Use Torrid’s search engine filter ( to find the perfect outfit in your size and price range.
  • Nordstrom does not only cater to supermodel size zeros. Visit or download the app to pick out fancy, brand name attire straight off the rack. From Nike active wear to Michael Kors cocktail dresses, Nordstrom will have you dressed to impress.
  • Simply Be is a clothing company that serves the average and plus size woman (sizes 8-28). The site offers an outfit for all occasions; from breezy, flower-printed dresses, swimwear, intimates and footwear (for those with a wide calf). Explore their styles on