Construction in the H-Garage Status Update

DSC_0138By Amanda Moses

Construction on the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) H-Garage has been ongoing since the fall of 2015. According to SCT Technical Services, the major construction of the structure has been a steady success in implementing new and innovative features, such as scan-cards for the recently installed garage doors, layers of protective coating on the concrete and additional light fixtures inside and outside of the building.

The H-Garage was chosen to be the first of the garages in SCT to be fully renovated because of its deteriorating conditions, particularly the large cracks in the concrete. In addition to the complete resurfacing of the garage, so far about 70% of the concrete has been treated with protective coating, which will prevent weather erosion from chemicals such as winter salt, water, etc. Furthermore, more lighting fixtures have been installed throughout the perimeter, increasing visibility and safety for all who use the garage.

New, roll-up garage doors with a digital scan-card entry system will also be installed in the H-Garage. This new garage door feature has been installed in only one other location: the E-Garage. This innovative system is a convenient feature that allows the driver to scan their keycard from a foot away (ensuring the driver does not have to leave the vehicle.)

Since this is the first major renovation of one of our garages, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific date as to when the construction will be finished. Subsequently, as the construction is still ongoing, the H-Garage will remain closed until further notice.

It is understood that the construction continues to be an inconvenience for many. However, it should be noted that SCT’s infrastructure is more than 40 years old and the site has pro-actively embarked on a multi-year program of comprehensive repairs of its facilities. Regarding the H-garage, in addition to its complete resurfacing, there are many changes being made that will make the garage more durable and safer for all to use in the future.

If you have any questions about garage parking, please contact the Management Office at (718) 642-7000 for assistance with garage parking.

Photo by Amanda Moses