Continuing the Digital Fun

  • National Park Service’s latest virtual exhibit features the children’s story Horseshoe Crab’s Crown and images of last year’s gallery on the Horseshow Crab Festival. According to the website: “This exhibit, telling the story of the creation of ‘Horseshoe Crab’s Crown,’ has been adapted from a show that we produced a year ago in conjunction with the Horseshoe Crab Festival and to celebrate the publication of this book.” Check out pictures from the Horseshow Crab Crown’s book and images from last year’s exhibit opening at:
  • New York Comic Con continues to uplift their fans with free Q&A sessions and selling tickets to private virtual meet-and-greets. Their latest Q&A session featured the cast from Boy Meets World. In addition, on their Facebook page, fans can also join them in a live riveting game of Jackbox Party Pack with special guests Max Mittelman, Robbie Daymond, and Ray Chase from L.A.V.A. Check out more of their free activities on
  • The Wizarding World Facebook Page and Website (also known as Pottermore) is the official location for fans to discover the magic of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts.  Read background stories about Hogwarts, the infamous characters in Harry Potter, and where all of the lore came from by J.K. Rowling.  In addition, you can listen to celebrities (like Daniel Radcliffe) read parts of the Harry Potter books for free, such as “Olivia Colman, along with some special appearances from Jonathan Van Ness and Kate McKinnon, read the seventh chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone, as part of Harry Potter At Home.” Visit their Facebook page at or the Wizarding World Website:
  • J.K. Rowling announces that she will release a free online serial that takes place between the Harry Potter books entitled, Ickabog. Between May 26th and July 10th, Rowling will upload weekly chapters on the Ickabog website: Rowling is also hosting an Illustration Competition, inviting children to share their creativity while they are sheltering in place (see the website for more details).  According to Rowling’s website, “The Ickabog is a story about truth and the abuse of power.  To forestall one obvious question: the idea came to me well over a decade ago, so it isn’t intended to be read as a response to anything that’s happening in the world right now. The themes are timeless and could apply to any era or any country.”