Cooking Up Fun with SELC Remote Activities


The teachers at the Starrett Early Learning Center (SELC) have been cooking up remote learning fun with students and parents. With the help of SELC’s kitchen staff, Ms. Sylvia filmed segments on no-cook meals and uploaded it to Class Dojo, a free online educational platform designed to facilitate communication between teachers and families. SELC teachers share classroom activities and students can respond from home via videos, photos, journal entries, or drawings.

In the video, Ms. Sylvia recruited her four-year-old daughter to be her assistant as she explained how to make a watermelon pizza using various fruits and yogurt (parents were asked to slice a watermelon and pieces of fruit for the children to use for the activity). Her assistant creatively added fruit onto the pizza, making it a kaleidoscope of colors. She also tasted each fruity garnish to ensure maximum flavor in the final product.

The students first covered the watermelon pizza base with yogurt, similar to how you would spread sauce on a pizza. They could then add whatever their favorite fruits are, creating a nutritious snack.

All of the SELC classes were able to participate in this lesson, and many of them shared their dishes with the staff by uploading their photos on Class Dojo. In Ms. Kimaura and Ms. Tiffany’s class, Kasen followed the no-cook recipe using cherries, strawberries, bananas, and apples as his toppings.
SELC Director, Tammy Moore was impressed by the videos and photos the parents shared on Class Dojo. “Oh, how I enjoyed this family’s engagement and direct response to the activity,” she exclaimed on the forum.

Through the remote learning projects, the children are able to continue to meet the fundamental building blocks in their education while we shelter in place. The teachers engage with their students by commenting on the parents’ posts, recording themselves reading stories, assigning art projects, and helping the class to develop critical thinking skills with each activity.

Photos courtesy of SELC