Cool New Gadget: Smart Pacifier Tracks Baby’s Temperature

Cool Gadget PacifierWhat happens when a baby’s pacifier is integrated with Bluetooth technology? You get Pacif-i, a 21st century twist on the traditional pacifier.

Developed by Blue Maestro, an innovative company specializing in internet-enabled healthcare and environment monitoring, Pacif-i is the world’s first smart pacifier with several special features to help you monitor your child’s health and safety. Utilizing Bluetooth, WiFi and other technologies, Pacif-i tracks your baby’s temperature and transmits the data, via a free app, to an Android or iOS smartphone.

Using the app parents can keep track of when medications were administered, dosage amounts, set up alerts and reminders and share the data with their healthcare professionals. Pacif-i also comes equipped with a built in proximity sensor, a safety feature to monitor the pacifier’s location, which also provides information about the child’s location. The app allows parents and caregivers the option of setting a distance, up to a range of 20 meters, before an alarm is triggered notifying you that your child has wandered out of your predetermined safe range. Pacifiers are often lost, dropped or hidden by both parents and children, but the days of a “lost” pacifier may just disappear with Pacif-i. With the app, parents can trigger a buzzer to identify the location of the missing Pacif-i.

Britain and other commonwealth countries call a pacifier a “dummy”. That label certainly does not seem appropriate for the new Pacif-i!

This month the Pacif-i will be released in Europe, after it obtains its European Medical Device license. Later this year it will launch in the United States. The new gadget will cost $40 and are available for pre-order on their website