Cooling off in the Pool

IMG_4789Students at the Starrett Early Learning Center’s (ELC) summer camp are participating in one of the most fun recreational activities in the summer— swimming.

Twice a week students ages, four through six, can cool off from the heat while learning the basics of aquatic safety at the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC). “This activity introduces children to the water and shows them how to play safely in the pool,” said ELC’s Director, Susan Plesnitzer. Plesnitzer has noticed that for many of the students it’s their first time getting into a pool, so this activity helps to create a comfortable environment for the child.

Supervised by both adults and lifeguards, the students play and learn in a child-sized pool (2 Feet). Some of the lessons taught to the children are: the importance of swimming with a buddy, to never push or shove anyone in or outside of the pool, never run in the pool area and to always show each other respect.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at the ELC’s summer camp please call 718-642-8724.