Cooperation Vital to Power Plant’s Delivery of Services


On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, Spring Creek Towers (SCT) residents were asked to reduce their consumption of electricity for approximately 12 hours while a critical repair of the power plant’s main steam system was completed. At the same time, Management implemented several measures throughout the site to further reduce the demand upon the site’s power plant which included shutting all laundry rooms, shutting the community center/ sports club, reducing energy usage in all offices and renting diesel generated lighting for parking areas. The appeal to residents was made with the intent to avoid forced blackouts throughout the site. Management hanks those residents who made an effort to reduce their use of electricity; however, many more residents did not cooperate. The reduction in electricity usage was far less than anticipated which forced additional measures to be taken including reducing elevator service in each building, interrupting the delivery of hot water to each apartment, reducing lighting in the garages and deploying more security personnel to each garage to insure the resident’s safety. As the SCT Power Plant prepares for the hot summer weeks ahead, your active participation in being mindful of your energy consumption is needed and required to insure a seamless delivery of full Cooperation Vital to Power Plant’s Delivery of Services services, electricity, delivery of hot and cold water and air cooling, to your home. In the event you are asked to reduce your family’s use of electricity, please don’t ignore the request and comply as much as possible. Your actions play a vital role in preventing forced power outages throughout the site.