Discovering the Monster Hunter World


Game: Monster Hunter World
Platform: PlayStation 4, X-Box One and Microsoft Windows
Rating: T for Teens
Cost: $44.99

What do we want from our video games? We need a good narrative, of course. A well-composed score always helps. We also yearn for that which we can’t do in real life: grand adventure of mythic proportions, and what is better than adventure?Adventuring with friends.

A Whole New World

It took us a few weeks since the game’s release to bring readers this review due to the sheer scope of Monster Hunter: World. There is so much to experience within this extraordinary title it could not possibly all fit on this page. Initially, it can be hard and somewhat overwhelming to come to terms with the game’s basic premise since players are hit with a deluge of information and game mechanics from the onset. You are tasked with creating a male or female character from an impressive customization suite—along with an equally customizable feline companion—before being thrown head first into a whole new world of beasts and monsters. The story explains that we have traveled to this new world as a part of a fleet requested by the Research Commission, an organization determined to map out the area and make groundbreaking discoveries. After a rather bumpy arrival, it is up to you to help them succeed.

Is That a T-Rex?

As the game’s title may suggest, the goal is to hunt monsters, some being easier to defeat than others. After you have either captured or killed your prey, you can use their materials (bones, skin, scales, claws, etc.) to forage and upgrade additional weapons and armor, which, of course, will not only make your avatar look cooler, these armaments will also aid you in taking down even tougher beasties. You can effortlessly cut down and harvest materials from small dinosaurs or creatures. However, if you want to take down the big cheeses of the land, that will require a great deal of time, effort, and, perhaps, a few friends. Luckily, if you have an internet connection you can send an S.O.S for other players to respond to. Thanks to this S.O.S a challenge can quickly become child’s play, providing that your new teammates are trustworthy and don’t become distracted by the other sights and sounds.

There is far more to the gameplay than just hunting monsters, though. Players can fish in ponds and nearby lakes, cast nets to catch bugs and bats, and even yield helpful produce from plants and trees. Furthermore, monsters will not just react to players, they will likewise react to each other as well, sometimes even fighting one another. Friends and I were hunting a monster when a gigantic dinosaur burst from the tree line and at-tempted to both gobble us up and feast on our hunt. The world is full of dangers, so be on your toes. Although, the learning curve could perhaps be even more hazardous than the monsters themselves. There is very little hand holding here from the developer, which could frustrate some players.

From Forests to Deserts

Monster Hunter: World does exactly what it says in the title. It’s a living, breathing ecosystem, an entire… well, world. Players will explore lush forests with flowing waterfalls and hanging vines to rocky deserts where rippling sand and light turns to night where darkness drapes the land. The graphics are truly stunning.


Monster Hunter: World is a deep experience that will keep players glued to their consoles for months to come. With so much to see, do, and uncover, this is an adventurer’s dream.  

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