District 19 Holds Day of Joy


New York City School’s District 19 (which includes PS 346, IS 364 and FDA VIII) held their first “Day of Joy” on Wednesday, June 5th at Highland Park in Brooklyn. This celebration took place from 10 am to 1 pm. Each of the schools in the district chose five students to enjoy a day of fun out with the other schools in the district.

The Day of Joy encompassed many facets of enjoyment for the students. The students were able to have their faces painted, they enjoyed and danced to the music that the DJ played. There were entertaining games to play. One of the amusing games was a potato sack race; even the Principals joined in on the celebration and participated in the potato sack races. There was also even a barbeque for the students! The barbeque was complete with hamburgers, hot dogs and all of the trimmings that you would expect. There were even free massages for the adults. This was a great treat for the students and the staff. Everyone had a good time, and the weather cooperated and was just perfect for the festivity.

Photos courtesy of: IS 364