District 19’s Local Schools Show Off Their Interpretation of Art


Each of the three schools nestled in the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) community participated in District 19’s Showcase of Excellence in East New York: Celebrating Cultures of East New York through Art in the schools. PS 346, IS 364, and FDA VIII all had their students display art in different forms for their entire district to see. Administrators, teachers, parent coordinators, parents, and the students admired all of the hard work that was exhibited on Wednesday, April 10th at PS 224, located at 755 Wortman Avenue.

Superintendent, Dr. Thomas McBryde Jr. welcomed everyone to this spectacular evening at PS 224, which was transformed into a museum of art filled with collages, visual art performances, dance routine showcases, and visual off their moves. verbal journals for everyone to see.

IS 364’s Art teacher, Ms. Ferrer had her sixth grade students create self-portraits using torn paper and turned them into beautiful collages, and both her sixth and seventh graders created visual verbal journals based on their culture. It is significant how the students are able to express themselves through various forms of art. This shows how they used their imagination and tapped into their creative mindset to produce these marvelous photos, collages, journals, and dance movements. These children generated fabulous designs.

At PS 346, fourth grade students demonstrated a living museum in which six actors represented celebrities born in East New York (or close to it) from different cultural backgrounds. These students chose the celebrity that they were going to portray in the living museum from a list that they were given from their teacher. The students stood still in front of the country’s flag that represented the celebrity’s background, when an audience member pushed their button it would light up, and the celebrity would come to life. Then the celebrity would reveal some facts and information about where they were born and their heritage. Ms. Christine Hoffman, Performing Arts Teacher at PS 346 said, “It was an honor working with such a fun, bright, talented, group of students. Thank you to the families, PS 346, and district 19 for creating this opportunity for our children to share.”

This evening’s event reinforced the desire and aspirations that children have for the arts, while it encouraged and developed a passion for art in others. Students were excited and proud to be able to have their work on display and be able to perform for their parents, friends, administrators, and their peers.

This evening motivated the students to follow their dreams, and instilled in them that nothing is impossible, and they can accomplish many more masterpieces.

Photos Courtesy of: Aimee Castro, Parent Coordinator of IS 364