Election Day Feedback

VOTETuesday’s nationwide elections had some interesting results. The Republican Party now has a majority presence in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. In New York State, Andrew Cuomo became the first Governor in the Democratic Party, since his father, to be re-elected.

The following were elected to represent the Spring Creek Towers community: Winning by wide margins, City Councilmember Charles Barron took his wife’s (Inez) former seat in the 60th District Assembly, Hakeem S. Jeffries for the 8th Congressional District and John L. Sampson in District 19.

Hours before the polls closed on Election Day (November 4), the Spring Creek Sun asked community residents had they voted. 

Education is important to retired school teacher, Eleanor Laird.  The 72-year-old Spring Creek Towers resident said she always exercises her civic duty to vote. Her votes go to those she believes would be the best for residents of Brooklyn and New York City. Laird’s top priorities are education and employment.  “I want there to be more jobs available for everyone and another increase in the minimum wage,” she said. A staunch supporter of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s education policies, the retired teacher said she hoped he would be reelected. “I think some of the things he has pushed, like increasing the minimum wage, are good ideas and we need more of that.”

Several community residents were hopeful that Cuomo would remain in office for another four years.  Voting is one of many valuable lessonsBernard Bracey’s mother taught him.  “You can’t complain about things not changing if you don’t vote. I want to have a say in what goes on in my government,” he said.  Happy to have cast his ballot, the 22-year-old student at the New York City College of Technology likes Cuomo’s efforts to have the minimum wage increased. “He’s one of the few people who listen to the people,” explained Bracey who added, “I wanted to make sure he stays in office. I like that he tries to help create more jobs because that’s what we need.”

Shaneek Bostic, 38, was voted straight down the Democratic Party line, and that Cuomo is just the man “to bat for his state.” A habilitation specialist, she hopes he will create more affordable housing for New Yorkers and concentrate efforts on helping the poor and middle classes.  Not pleased with how the government spends money, she is also hoping Cuomo will increase funding for education, “I think more money should be spent on increasing the amount of computers in public schools, especially for the lowers grades like kindergarten, and more and better staffed after school programs.” Casting her vote on Tuesday was, for Bostic, exercising her right to have a say on who shall represent her community.