Embracing Your Curves


Last month, theCurvycon held its fifth annual convention for body positivity and fashion inclusivity from September 5th to September 7th at Center 415 in Manhattan. Co-founded by CeCe Olisa (award winning writer, speaker and entrepreneur)and Chastity Garner Valentine (creator of GarnerStyle.com), and powered by Dia&Co, this event invites women of all shapes, sizes, and ages to celebrate them-selves and to become empowered with informative panels/work shops, plus size pop-up shops, three fashion shows, and so much more.

For the first time, the Spring Creek Sun was on hand covering theCurvycon, which coincided with New York Fashion Week (NYFW). “We feel that body positivity and fashion inclusivity are integral elements of the women’s movement. This is why we’ve added Women’s Leadership Sessions to our programming this year,” said CeCe Olisa.

The three day occasion was very different from NYFW because attendees were the main attraction. Usually at fashion shows the guests take a few pictures in the beginning as the royal front row influencers perch onto their seats. At theCurvycon everyone is treated equally and made to feel beautiful, which is what this convention focuses on—building confidence. “When a woman feels confident, she can stand up, lead and make a bigger impact in her family, her community and the world,” said Olisa.

The festivities kicked off on Thursday, September 5th with a “Welcome Workout Party,” serving as the perfect icebreaker for guests to network and learn about healthy lifestyles. Then on Friday and Saturday everyone was able to experience the pop-up shops that catered to plus sizes. There were two floors to experience. Each section was filled with stores that offered a wide range of sizes and styles, as well as photo booths for guests to model their outfits in. Some of the stores included Anthropologie, Nike, Torrid, Dia&Co, Eloqui, LOFT, and more. For the first time, theCurvycon also held three fashion shows from Target, The Knot/Kleinfeld, and Macy’s.

The Macy’s fashion show was our absolute favorite, but not only because of the amazing outfits showcased. The guests made the entire event feel like a grand party celebrating body positivity. Before each fashion show, a DJ plays upbeat tunes to get everyone in the mood for fun. The attendees were so into the music that they began singing and dancing in their seats, and then some even got up and boogied on the catwalk while they waited. The entire showroom trans-formed from a runway experience to a club scene, and even theCurvycon co-founder Olisa got up to dance.

Once the show was ready to begin, everyone was in great spirits and the clothing exhibited made guests even more excited. If you were wondering what to wear this fall/winter season, then the Macy’s show was the perfect opportunity to embrace your inner fashionista. The color green was highlighted as an underestimated tone that shades perfectly with a simple pair of jeans or a classy office outfit. Green satin, cotton, and even black and green leopard prints make the perfect fall fashion statement.

When you are plus sized, you are often told to not wear “loud” colors or patterns so that you don’t bring attention to your curves. Well Macy’s fashion show eschewed that archaic way of thinking and show-cased curvy models wearing bold animal-print dresses, plaid jackets, and crop top workout clothes. The show displayed diverse models that captured a plethora of looks, inviting everyone to “Find Your Remarkable You” (Macy’s mission statement). There was something for everyone at this show, whether you want to be sultry this fall or just cute chic.

“Our mission is to serve the 67% of women who wear a size 14+. Five years ago, we were a half day event for 500 women. Today we serve thousands of women from around the world! We’re incredibly proud of the thriving community we’re building,” said Chastity Garner Valentine.

Photos by Amanda Moses